Beck: Cruz Thinks I Could Be Imprisoned

Glenn Beck had a powwow with some of the crazier far-right members of Congress recently, including Sen. Ted Cruz. And he says Cruz told him that he could envision him someday becoming a political prisoner to prevent him from speaking out. Seriously, the paranoid persecution complex of the right simply knows no bounds.


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  • slc1

    Here’s another slant on Ted Cruz for one of his former professors at Harvard Law School. Here’s a quote from his former professor: Cruz “was an outstanding student in my class,” Dershowitz said. “Without a doubt he is among the smartest students I’ve ever had… I’ve had great students but he has to be at the top of anyone’s short list, in terms of raw brain power.”

    This would indicate that Cruz is a much more dangerous man then numbnuts like James Inhofe or Steve King.

  • raven

    This would indicate that Cruz is a much more dangerous man then numbnuts like James Inhofe or Steve King.

    Or it could mean that he is

    1. Crazy

    2. Faking it.

    One of my former colleagues graduated from an Ivy league school with a 4.0 in a science field and went on to get a Ph.D.. He was also an amoral sociopath.

    He made millions early on by running some dubious scams and fooling a lot of people. Then spent the next 30 years destroying the lives of the people around him and raising drinking alcohol to an art form.

    The drinking went well but the destroying people’s lives didn’t. Everyone caught on fast and word got around. No one would get near him after the first few victims and years.

  • dingojack

    OT alert… OT alert… OT alert…

    “And he says Cruz told him that he could envision him someday becoming a political prisoner to prevent him from speaking out. ”

    Oh no! My Pronoun-o-meter™ just ‘splodled!

    😉 Dingo

  • dingojack

    (Sorry Ed -my inner wannabe editor resurfaced for a second there).


  • slc1

    Re raven @ #2

    It would not surprise me if Cruz was a sociopath. However, that makes him even more dangerous then if he is just pandering.

  • steve oberski

    Imprisoned – not likely.

    Committed – not so unlikely.

  • Of course it’s possible Beck is setting up “I’m being persecuted for my beliefs!” defense for when he actually is charged or sued for something sketchy.

  • dan4

    Normal person relating Cruz’s story: “Wow, that Ted Cruz is a paranoid nutcase.”

    Glenn Beck relating Cruz’s story: “Ted Cruz is spot-on.”

  • slc1:

    In fairness, the Harvard professor in question was interviewed by the Daily Caller, so I wouldn’t be surprised if his comments were manipulated, taken out of context, or completely made up.

    Also, according to Cruz, most of the law professors are Harvard are avowed Marxists who want to overthrow the US government, so why should we listen to this guy’s opinion?

    As for Beck, he’s been playing the “government is going to kill/imprison me to keep from from speaking The Truth(TM)” card almost as long as Alex Jones has. So far, both of them are still alive, still free, and still have a platform to spread The Truth(TM) as much as they want. It’s all part of the game. You can’t keeping bilking money from the conspiracy nutbars unless you insinuate that the government will try to shut you up if they don’t send you money.

  • Michael Heath

    If Cruz is so smart, than why are his arguments so obviously defective?

  • The Mormon Mandela.

  • Roger

    Which reminds me: How’s Ted Nugent doing these days?

  • slc1

    Re d. c. Wilson @ #9

    As far as I am able to determine, there is nothing from Dershowitz taking issue with what was quoted on the Daily Caller. Dershowitz is not known for being publicity shy so it is reasonable to take the position that, it the quotation is inaccurate or taken out of context, we would have heard something from him. Thus, I think we have to take the quotation as accurate in the absence of anything contrary from him.

    Re Michael Heath

    MH, as usual, makes a good point. However, Dershowitz was referring to his interactions with Cruz in class.

    As for his current weak arguments, I strongly suspect that he is pandering to his constituency, namely the tea party. My only point is that there is an opinion from one of his former professors that he is a smart guy and thus we would be foolish to underestimate him, based on his pandering. He would not be the first smart guy who pandered to his constituents (William Fulbright on civil rights anyone).

  • Reginald Selkirk

    I could easily envision Beck being hauled away by the government and locked in an institution, but it wouldn’t be a prison.

  • jolly

    In most classes the test is for the ability to memorize, not to think. In my high school graduation the valedictorian just memorized everything. He didn’t understand physics or math. When it came to Shakespeare he just memorized all the commentary he could find and spewed it back when he needed it. When we played chess, he had so many famous games memorized that I had to throw in twists in my game so he couldn’t figure out what I was doing and then I would win. I find it easy to believe that a politician would have to have a great memory. Hubert Humphrey was famous for his memory. Humphrey came up to me when I was about 12 years old washing the windows at the Duluth Democratic headquarters and he remembered my name and our dog”s name and I hadn’t remembered meeting him before because I had been too young to remember. You can imagine how popular that makes a politician among his voters. Smart, though? Not necessarily.