Another False Beck Prediction

On Wednesday, Glenn Beck delivered a breathless prediction on his show, telling his listeners that he had a whistleblower who had given him information that could “take down pretty much the whole power structure” of the United States. And he promised this would happen within 24 hours:


Thursday came and went with nothing but the sound of crickets. So did Friday. Shocked? You shouldn’t be. Beck is a carnival barker.

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  • Synfandel

    Wouldn’t taking down the whole power structure of the United States be an act of terrorism?

  • mithandir

    To be fair, a halfway decent solar flare could take down the whole power structure of the united states, considering the state your grid is in.

  • oranje

    The coal lobby would not allow the power structure to collapse. Bad for image.

  • Randomfactor

    mithandir, if Apollo decided to use a solar flare to take down Glenn Beck, and the power grid was simply collateral damage–it almost seems worth it.

  • frankb

    What power structure is there that can be taken down by a single whistleblower? The President and member of Congress can be impeached but that can only be done one at a time and the rest of government is still going to run in the meantime. Hyperbole much?

  • kantalope

    Oh you guys and your hyperbole and apocalyptic thinking.

    By ‘Power Structure’ Glenn means his Christmas lights. By ‘Whistle Blower’ he means his neighbor who asked why his Christmas lights were still up in June. So by Friday Glenn will have hired some day laborers (totally not illegal aliens) to take them down for him. Easy ‘natch.

    And Glenn only mentioned it on his radio show because the intern that runs the scripts from the office full of monkeys (angry angry monkeys) with typewriters got delayed in the hallway by snooping IRS agents from the Benghazai office.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Our esteemed host’s congenital optimism betrays him again.

    Replacing Beck’s audio with a cricket sound track would greatly improve his show, but I doubt the world was so lucky.