Bipartisan Crazy at Holocaust Denier’s Conference

Sometimes it’s easy to think that the crazy exists only on the right, but the left has its share of whackos too. Two of them are going to appear at “Freedompalooza” in Pennsylvania along with Larry Pratt, who is so far out on the right wing fringe that he thinks the NRA is too liberal. Oh, and the event is being hosted by a Holocaust denier.

How will you be spending your Fourth of July? Gun Owners of America head Larry Pratt will be spending his with former congressman and convicted felon Jim Traficant and former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney at an event hosted by the Holocaust-denying frontman of an anti-government rock group with ties to the Hutaree militia.

The anti-Semitic weekly American Free Press reports that Pratt, Traficant and McKinney are all signed up to speak at the southeastern Pennsylvania “Freedompalooza,” hosted by Paul Topete. Topete heads the rock group Poker Face, which got national attention in 2010 when the Anti-Defamation league reported that it had licensed a song to and defended the violent right-wing Hutaree militia. Topete himself is an unabashed anti-Semite who, according to the ADL, once called the Holocaust “one of the largest if not THEE largest scam every played on humanity” (sic).

Topete’s anti-Semitic view of world history doesn’t stop there. He has also claimed that “the Rothchilds set up the Illuminati in 1776 to subvert the Christian basis of civilization.”

McKinney is stark raving nuts. Traficant is too but I always loved watching him giving rambling, incoherent speeches on the floor of the House in the 80s before he was convicted of taking bribes and sent to prison.

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  • slc1

    Just for the information of those folks who have found much amusement in the posts of Don Williams, Cynthia McKinney is one of his heroes.

  • Alverant

    Sure the left has crazies too, but we don’t elect them to high office.

  • voidhawk

    Assuming it existed, I’d be up for joining the Illuminati, a largely secular anti-clerical organisation of freethinkers. What’s so great about the Old World order of plutocrats running the world under the veneer of ‘democracy?’

  • Azkyroth Drinked the Grammar Too :)

    Sometimes it’s easy to think that the crazy exists only on the right, but the left has its share of whackos too.

    The difference is that the left wing has a lunatic fringe whereas the lunatic wing has a conservative fringe.

    But why let that stand in the way of lazy equivocation?

  • Abby Normal

    Holy crap, this is just a few miles from my home, almost walking distance. Maybe I’ll go check it out. That is unless I can find something more enjoyable to do, like a nice colonoscopy. Either way, looks like assholes are on my agenda this July 4th weekend!

  • David C Brayton

    Abby—You should go. And live blog it. Ed would probably give you space on his blog (right, Ed?). What a hoot that’s gonna be!

  • Don Williams

    SLC at 1: “Cynthia McKinney is one of his [Don William’s] heroes.”

    I believe the correct word is “heroine”. And she is not my “heroine” — she is merely someone I point out to illustrate how the deeply corrupt and two-faced Democratic Party really operates behind the scenes. While serving as a black Democratic Representative in Congress, Cynthia merely asked if the US government was treating the Palestinians justly. That triggered a tsunami of over $1 Million flowing into her rural Georgia district from New York and the West Coast to destroy her in the primary. The AIPAC perps not giving a hairy rat’s ass for the needs of her black constituents. When her state senator father objected, he was destroyed as well.

    It was similar to the screwing that Israel Lobby billionaire S Daniel Abraham gave to Howard Dean in the 2004 Iowa primary after Dean merely suggested to Joe Lieberman in a debate that the US should be an even-handed referee in the peace process. Even Forward blinked at that one, given that Daniel Abraham’s personal assistant Sara Erhman was serving on Dean’s campaign staff:

    An excerpt:

    “Fat Contribution: The contribution of Slim-Fast mogul S. Daniel Abraham to a group that ran negative ads about Dean raised eyebrows in Washington political circles.

    Abraham, a major Jewish philanthropist, gave $100,000 to Americans for Jobs, Healthcare & Progressive Values, the Associated Press reported, making him one of the two biggest donors to the group.

    The group ran ads attacking Dean in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, including one raising questions about his lack of foreign policy experience that showed the face of Osama bin Laden. Its funders included supporters of Gephardt and Kerry.

    What raised eyebrows, however, is that Abraham’s longtime chief political factotum, Sara Ehrman, was an adviser to Dean.

    Ehrman, who works as senior adviser at the Abraham-funded Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation, declined to comment on Abraham’s funding of the anti-Dean group or how her involvement with Dean might be viewed in light of it, saying only, “Danny’s going to have to speak on that himself.”

    Read more:

    ha ha ha

    Note: Daniel Abraham actually gave $200,000 to kneecap Dean.

  • Don Williams

    Of course, Uber-Democrat Joe Lieberman had already explained why Howard Dean had to go:

    “In contrast to his warm words for Clark, however, Lieberman pressed his feud with Dean over Dean’s remark that the United States “ought not to take sides” in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

    “Howard Dean’s position is not the Democratic Party’s position,” Lieberman said. “It is not the position of the other Democratic presidential candidates…. It is a strong Democratic Party position in fact to take sides [with Israel].”

    As he has many times since challenging Dean at a debate of the candidates in Baltimore two weeks ago, Lieberman said Dean’s remark “sends a message of weakness and ambivalence” and represents a “retreat” from the historic American pro-Israel position. “I’ve been troubled that Howard Dean has not acknowledged a mistake,” Lieberman said. ”

    Read more:

  • Don Williams

    All the honest people are being crowded out to the fringes. Because the professional prostitutes have forced them out of the “center” of US politics — the “mainstream”. However, there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats.

    Republicans like Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh are semi-respectable because they have earned $millions by selling out. They are still whores but expensive whores — the Wall Street call girls of US politics. Even Jon Stewart invites O’Reilly onto his show and calls him buddy. Of course, Jon never asks Bill if Bill ever found those nukes of Saddam’s.

    In contrast, there is something sad and pathetic about Democratic prostitutes — because they earn so little selling out Democratic Principles and the American People. Sending 4500 US soldiers to their deaths because Israeli billionaire Haim Saban thought it was a good idea and tossed $15 million to Clinton bag boy Terry McAuliffe.

    A crack prostitute giving oral sex in a dirty alley has more dignity.

  • Don Williams

    Speaking of armed militias and Second Amendment’s Larry Pratt, I wonder if JPFO is going to be there.

    They think Larry Pratt is a pussy.

  • Abby Normal

    @David C Brayton

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I don’t generally enjoy reading live-blogging. So I doubt I’d enjoy writting it. But I’ll tell you what, if I do go I’ll write up my impressions afterward and submit them to Ed. Perhaps he’ll provide space for that instead, or at least forward it on to you.

  • John Horstman

    Topete is also clearly nuts: anyone paying attention (WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!!1! fnord) knows the REAL Illuminati were formed earlier, and the Bavarian Illuminati were established as a front to trade on their name (while the REAL Illuminati tolerated them because it distracted from their actions). I can’t be the only one who’s read Robert Shae’ s and Robert Anton Wilson’s delightful Illuminatus! trilogy… 😀

    @Don Williams: I find your disdain for sex workers and drug addicts irrationally judgmental. Please don’t denigrate prostitutes and crack addicts by comparing them to dishonest, unethical politicians.

  • Don Williams

    Unfortunately I think they are undermining the festival by having Susan Lindauer and

    Larry Sinclair on the program and then imposing a “no hard liquor or psychedelics” rule.

    Just saying — and without venturing an opinion re the truth or falsity of Lindauer or Sinclair’s claims.

    If Hunter Thompson was around, I think he would agree with me.

  • slc1

    Re Don Williams @ #7

    Obviously, ole Don disagrees with our gracious host that Ms. McKinney is stark raving nuts

    Here’s a link to an article on Daily Kos detailing McKinney’s big lies in her run against Hank Johnson.

    It’s also nice to see that ole Don doesn’t hold Haim Saban guilty for all the transgressions of the Democratic Party.

    Here’s an excerpt from the wiki article on Ms. Mckinney

    McKinney’s loss was a rejection by voters in both parties of her controversial profile, which included support for Arab causes and a suggestion that Bush knew in advance of the Sept. 11 attacks. An inflammatory remark by her father on an Atlanta TV broadcast Monday may have been the final blow. State Rep. Billy McKinney said his daughter’s tough fight was because “Jews have bought everybody. Jews

    Re Don Williams @ #10

    Ah gee, ole Don found a group of Jewish nutcases, probably refugees from the JDL.

    Re Don Williams @ #9

    Ah gee, ole Don just can’t resist taking a shot at Haim Saban. And Terry McAuliffe. I guess that ole Don would be supporting Koo Koo Ken Cuccinelli if he still resided in Virginia (I’m not fond of ole Terry myself but Ken is insane).

  • Don Williams

    1) I don’t know Cynthia McKinney’s current mental state, SLC. But given how she was

    unfairly sodomized by AIPAC back in 2002 –and how her father was treated before he died —

    I would not be surprised to find she is not inviting Abe Foxman over for tea and cookies.

    2) Your reference to the 2006 campaign is misleading — I was referring to the 2002

    primary. In which $1 Million in AIPAC money poured in from OUTSIDE her black

    district –from donors located over 1000 miles away –to destroy her.

    People who cared NOTHING for the voters in her district. Democratic “activists”

    who promoted an unnecessary war in Iraq that killed more black men in the past 10

    years than the Ku Klux Klan managed in the past 150. But with no casualties to Israel’s IDF.

    3) Her father’s comments had NO influence on the 2002 primary — because he didn’t

    make them until AFTER the primary. And while it obviously was unfair to blame the

    entire Jewish community for her treatment, he was a father exploding in rage and AIPAC

    is not made up of Presbyterians the last time I checked. Your misleading reference is

    to an election 4 years later.

    4) Of course, your citiation is a familiar pattern — people who point at Germans in 1940s but

    refuse to look at what happened to them in 1917-1930. People who talk of the Holocaust of

    the 1940s –but refuse to look at the Holocaust of 1917-1925 that starved 1.5-2 million

    Germans to death.

    I argue for efficiency — if you want to protect yourself against Evil, it is best to avoid creating

    Evil in the first place by not being Evil. How many murderous serial killers were sodomized

    and abused as children?

  • slc1

    Re Don Williams @ #15

    Oh boy, a new conspiracy theory from Don, the Jooos drove Cynthia McKinney batshit insane. Just like they did J. William Fulbright, Paul McCloskey, and Paul Findley, former alleged victims of AIPAC; oh wait, those three guys appeared perfectly sane, even if misguided, after their congressional careers.

    Of course, that doesn’t explain ole Don, who seems to be missing a few cards in his deck

    How many murderous serial killers were sodomized

    and abused as children?

    How many people who were sodomized and abused as children grew up to be solid citizens, rather then serial killers?

  • Don Williams

    SLC at 16: “the Jooos drove Cynthia McKinney batshit insane. ”

    Well, them and the crossdressing Republicans who –in Georgia — get

    to chose which primary they vote in. heh heh.

    Still, in Georgia money talks to the voters –if you catch my drift.

  • Don Williams

    And $1 Million talked to a lot of them. As Cynthia’s dad noted.