Gay Reversion Therapy? There’s an App for That

There’s an app for everything these days, so why not an app to turn you from gay to straight in only two months? Pray the Gay Away, now for both the iPhone and Android phones! Apple has removed it from its app store, but Google has resisted doing so to this point.

An app that promised users “freedom from homosexuality” has been removed from the Apple App Store, but still remains in Google’s Play Store for Android phones and tablets, despite requests to have it removed.

Setting Captives Free, a nondenominational ministry led by Mike Cleveland from Medina, Ohio, says it is committed to ridding people of sin through the teachings of Jesus Christ. In its mobile phone apps and on its website, the organization offers a series of interactive courses and informational materials on fighting temptation and living a sin-free life.

But one course in particular, titled “Door of Hope: Freedom from the Bondage of Homosexuality,” last week caught the attention of gay rights and equality group All Out. The 60-day interactive course, which was then available through both the iPhone and Android apps, promises to “teach you to enjoy a newfound relationship with the Lord and how to find freedom from homosexuality.”

I wonder how many phones have that app and Grindr installed at the same time?

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  • madgastronomer
  • steve oberski

    How about a “freedom from religion” app ?

  • whirligig

    Awesome! While we’re examining apps that teach impossible mind tricks, could someone find one to teach me levitation in just 30 days? My office/kitchen chair isn’t very good, and it’s starting to hurt my back.

    The app needs to cost less than a good office chair.

  • CaitieCat

    How about a “freedom from religion” app ?

    Dude, it’s a smart phone, not a bank of Crays. 🙂

  • regexp

    that app and Grindr installed at the same time

    Ed – that is insulting. Anyone who has the app installed are clearly ‘scruffs’ type of people.

  • Alverant

    If being homosexual really is a choice, then someone should make a straight-to-gay app.

    I suggest a mass experiment to demonstrate whether or not it’s a choice. You get 100 anti-homosexual straight men and give them two months to choose to be gay. Then they have to stay gay, including being in a homosexual relationship, for 2 years then they get another two months to becoming straight again.

  • raven

    How about a “freedom from religion” app ?

    That was my first thought also.

    There should be a whole family of them for all the species of mind viruses.

    Freedom from oogedy boogedy primitive xian superstitions.

    Freedom from authoritarian mind control cults.

    Freedom from religious induced hate and fear.

    Freedom from Thetan ghosts without paying huge amounts of money.

    And the always popular:

    Exorcize your inner demons for free. (Hint, demons don’t exist in reality.)

  • But one course in particular, titled “Door of Hope: Freedom from the Bondage of Homosexuality”…

    Also the title of a gay porn movie. So I’ve heard.

  • bruceheerssen

    It looks like Google removed it from the Play Store. I can’t find it using their search function.

  • bruceheerssen

    Hmm. I was wrong; I searched for the wrong thing. Here’s the app in question.

  • Abby Normal

    Re: madgastronomer @1

    I saw that this morning as well, really got my day off to a great start. Exodus International has been right at the forefront of the ex-gay movement. This is like the Discovery Institute putting out a press release admitting Intelligent Design is a crock. At first I figured it was just a hacker putting up a fake release. But the more time that passes the more I start to believe. Joyous news! Of course, if it is legit, we’ll want to keep a wary eye on their new endeavor, Reduce Fear. But for now it’s time to do the dance of joy.

  • =8)-DX

    What does it do? Pop up little reminders: “Remeber: Jesus doesn’t want you to suck dick!”, “You are not a lesbian, you are not a lesbian, concentrate on the ceiling..”

    More poignant is.. how do they manage the pronouns/genders for all this? What if you chose gay/lesbian wrong? What if you’re trans, should you choose your sex assigned at birth? Wouldn’t that lead it to recommend transmen to look at men attractively?

    It’s all very confusing.

  • raven

    I saw that this morning as well, really got my day off to a great start. Exodus International has been right at the forefront of the ex-gay movement.

    Saw it too.

    Still can’t believe it.

    These were the kill all the gays people.

    If it is real, all I can think of is that they ran out of money. Perhaps, the xians that fund homicidal maniacs are sending their To Kill dollars elsewhere. Next up, a kill all the atheists, Moslems, or scientists organization.

  • =8)-DX “What does it do?”

    First, you give it your credit card info. Then you take a quiz where it asks you what you like (like, say, hot Jesus-on-apostle action). Then it periodically sends you pictures and movies of the things you like (like, say, hot Jesus-on-apostle action), over and over and over again, as, um, negative reinforcement. And also you can use your phone’s camera for private chats with people just like you, where you can talk about what you like (like, say, hot Jesus-on-apostle action) for, um, moral support.

    Basically, it’s a specialized adult site.

  • timberwoof

    I followed bruceheerssen’s link and was delighted. Read the reviews; they’re wonderful and send a very positive message!

    The best part of the app is that it sends all your activities directly to God. That’s what I infer from one of its permissions: “full network access … Allows the app to create network sockets and use custom network protocols. The browser and other applications provide means to send data to the internet, so this permission is not required to send data to the internet.”

    I am so tempted to get a ADK and this app to see what it sends.

  • CaitieCat

    I am so tempted to get a ADK and this app to see what it sends.

    Wow, did you miss the moneymaker there. The joy ain’t in what it sends; it’s in finding where it sends it.

    Because, according to the app, there you will find God. With, like, an IP address. Which I, as an atheist, would pay to see.

    See? MONEY. 😀

  • eric

    I’m okay with Google carrying it. Live by the “if you don’t like it, don’t buy it” sword, die by the “if you don’t like it, don’t buy it” sword.

  • madgastronomer

    raven @13

    No, Exodus were the CONVERT all gays group, not the KILL all gays group. It was the big ex-gay conversion therapy thing.

  • Nemo

    Google’s official policies:

    I guess it could fall under “Hate Speech”, but I’m sure the app is full of nothing but Christian Love™.