Jerry DeWitt’s Easter Sermon

I met Jerry DeWitt for the first time a couple months ago when we both spoke at Reason on the Bayou. I knew who he was but we’d never met. After hearing him speak, I was sure glad I didn’t have to follow him. He really is still a preacher and he does it quite well (I’m a fan of good preaching; it’s an art form when done well), he’s just preaching reason and humanism instead of Christianity. Here’s the video of his Easter sermon at this year’s American Atheists convention:


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  • timgueguen

    Gian Ghomeshi interviewed him for CBC Radio One’s Q, and the interview is on the show’s website. I didn’t hear it, but I did hear an e-mail sent in response. It was amusing and annoying because it had both a “No True Scotsman,” with the writer implying DeWitt was a worshipper of Pentecostalism, not Christianity, and a “I don’t really believe most atheists are really atheists, since they want to do things that look like religious worship.”

  • Modusoperandi

    timgueguen “Gian Ghomeshi interviewed him for CBC Radio One’s Q…”


  • Modusoperandi



  • mobius

    OMG, that is scary.

    But seriously, he must have been one heck of a preacher in his day. Thank the FSM he is on our side now.

  • sinned34

    See? Atheism really is just another religion!

  • thebookofdave

    Living proof that it takes far more faith to deny God than to believe. Poor Jerry finally cracked under pressure. All that faith swelled and ruptured his sensus divinatatus, turning him into the pitiful self-loathing wretch you see before you in this clip. So sad.

  • Modusoperandi

    thebookofdave, sure, but eventually he’ll come around to Cthulhu.

  • macallan