Coulter: Immigration Reform the End of America

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A right winger is declaring that if a policy that she disagrees with is passed, America is “finished.” This is not a repeat from every political debate since the nation began. Actually, it is. Because the number of policies that were supposed to destroy America is virtually limitless, beginning with the passage of the Constitution itself.

Why won’t passing amnesty help Republicans?

Look at California! The state that gave us Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan is now a state where a Republican cannot be elected statewide. Not even attractive, successful businesswomen like Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman can beat a tired old dinosaur like Jerry Brown or a dried-up prune like Barbara Boxer. The most beautiful state in the union is ruined, and the greatest nation in history is about to be.

So the argument for why America is “finished” is that Republicans might have a harder time getting elected? How compelling.

It’s not just amnesty, but legal immigration that needs to be curtailed to give the mass of immigrants from the last several decades time to make money, get ahead and assimilate to American culture. That’s how you create a Republican: Give him a job. You create a Democrat by giving him welfare. A lot more Americans of all races will need government assistance, thanks to Rubio’s amnesty/mass immigration bill.

The CBO — you know, people who actually study these questions rather than reacting with hyper-partisan emotional fervor — says otherwise.

You will notice the smartest members of Congress – Jeff Sessions, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Steve King – are categorically opposed to the amnesty bill Chuck Schumer has conned Mario Rubio into flacking.

It’s Schumer’s bill! Why is Rubio the one pushing it? Remind me again: Are Princeton and Harvard Law School (Cruz ’92 & ’95) tougher to get into than a non-accredited community college in Florida (Marco Rubio)?

This is an absolutely textbook example of how dishonestly Coulter makes arguments. Cruz is smarter than Rubio and the proof of that is that Cruz went to Princeton and Harvard. But Chuck Schumer also went to Harvard Law School. And Steve King dropped out of Northwest Missouri State University to work construction. So academic credentials define one’s intelligence — except when they don’t.

If the Rubio amnesty bill passes, the country will be finished. There will be no point in fighting for anything anymore.

*yawn* Just like Social Security. And the Civil Rights Act. And Medicare. And same-sex marriage. And…

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