Helping Community Members in Need

One of the best things about the quickly growing secular community is how we’ve been able to help one another in times of need. I have benefited greatly myself from the incredible generosity of my blog readers and the broader community. My younger brother is now seeking help for a friend in dire need.

Celia is an awesome woman with a goofy, wonderful son, both of whom have autism spectrum disorders. She has struggled a great deal of her adult life to maintain a reasonable living situation for herself and since he was born, her rather silly son. Unfortunately she hit a major bump in the road that started when a combination of her and her son getting sick and her car breaking down rather cut into school and work. She lost her financial aid, her job and her best means for finding a job in a town with limited public transportation.

She almost lost her apartment and power last month. Now the situation is even more dire. She has no food, no power and ten days to come up with *this* months rent. Her son is staying elsewhere, but she is stuck in a house with no power and a whole lot of worries. She is in desperate need and has talked of very a very permanent solution to her problems. It is *that* dire.

I had talked to DuWayne about trying to set up a charity specifically for helping other members of the secular community and I told him I’d talk to Dale McGowan, founder of the Foundation Beyond Belief, about doing so. Little did I know that FBB already had such a project in the works. It’s called Helping Hands and you can read more about it here. Just another reason why I am so happy to be able to help FBB do what they do.

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  • sc_2af6c8b74f384d009bfcfea313f3384c

    Have her contact:

    Modest Needs

    There is nothing else out there like it.

    (I also think it is a DISGRACE that in such a wealthy country, we have such issues. )

  • Pen

    I really hope you get a lot of support for this cause, but for fuck’s sake get a proper welfare system, please.