Daubenmire and the FEMA Camps

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire, John Freshwater’s buddy, wants to know why pastors aren’t preaching about those FEMA concentration camps that he imagines exist in some alternate reality inhabited by wingnuts.


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  • Thorne

    Maybe the pulpits are silent because there are no longer enough asses in the pews tossing their pennies into the collection plate to make it worth while.

    Yeah, in my dreams, maybe!

  • roggg

    The pulpits are silent? About time if you ask me…

  • Because preachers should be preaching about things that actually exist and not delusional rantings.

    Oh, wait….

  • wordsmatter

    Christian pastors need to do a better job ranting about conspiracies!

    Bring that Crazy!


  • Larry

    Because the first rule of FEMA Camp is that you don’t talk about FEMA Camp!

  • Don Williams

    1) We don’t talk about FEMA Camp –we don’t talk about the USA’s extraordinarily high rate of incarceration either. The highest in the world — roughly 4 times higher than the dictatorial Chinese.

    2) We don’t have concentration camps because the local Real Estate Lobby gets paid more tax dollars for building prisons. Plus concentration camps don’t give you a labor force that works for 25 cents an hour.


    As Brad Pitt said in “Killing Them Softly” , America ain’t a country — it’s a business. One that Albert Speer would have recognized and grinned at.

  • Mr Ed

    The real reason we don’t here more about the FEMA camps is that more than a few pastors have been to them. Swimming, canoeing, day hikes and the greatest chuck wagon you can imagine. Now these pastors aren’t stupid, then know if the tell everyone about them rates will go up and it will be impossible to get reservations. So please remember there are no FEMA camps especially in Boundary Area Canoe Waters. Happy trails

  • slc1

    Re Don Williams @ #6

    Actually, Brayton talks about the criminal justice system all the time. The most egregious aspect of the prison system is the privatization of slammers. For instance, in California, the privatized prison guards are the most powerful union in the state.

    This is even more true for the privatized juvenile detention system. I would remind ole Don, that Pennsylvania was the subject of a scandal recently where judges were sending juveniles to jail for petty offenses as a reward for campaign contributions and other payoffs by the predatory corporations running the places.

    This high rate of incarceration is, in part, due to the insane drug laws, particularly pot. All too many folks are doing time for being caught with more then 1 oz of pot on them. As I have stated on several occasions, quoting former Michigan Supreme Court Justice John Voelker, “the American judicial system consists of lock ’em up like a mad dog and keep ’em locked up”.

    Of course, this trend started in the ’70s with the cry “crime in the streets’, propagated by, among others, Michael Heath’s hero, Ronnie the rat Reagan. One would think that the politicians in that era were running for sheriff, not legislative representative, congressional representative, governor, or president. Remember all the propaganda about soft hearted judges letting murders go free or giving them token sentences, which led to the current draconian sentencing guidelines (in New York, they’re called the Rockerfeller laws after the late former wife swapping governor who died of a heart attack in the arms of his mistress.

  • Don Williams

    Sorry –clarification. When I said “We don’t talk” I was referring to the prostitutes in the US Mainstream News Media. No disrespect, but I don’t think the Oligarchy worries about this blog exposing them and upsetting the apple cart.

  • yoav

    “Coach” Dave Daubenmire, John Freshwater’s buddy, wants to know why pastors aren’t preaching about those FEMA concentration camps that he imagines exist in some alternate reality inhabited by wingnuts.

    There is only one possible reason, FEMA used their mind control raygun on them.