Today’s Show: Affirmative Action and the Voting Rights Act

Join Jamila Bey and me in about 25 minutes as we discuss this week’s Supreme Court rulings on affirmative action in college admissions and the Voting Rights Act. Here’s where you can listen:

Washington, DC: AM 1390 AND WTOP 103.5 FM HD-2

NYC: AM 1430

Chicago: WILV 100.3 FM HD-2

Miami: 99.9 HD-2

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  • Dennis N

    Do these get posted as podcasts or downloadable mp3s at any point?

  • cafink

    There’s a “subscribe to the program” link to an RSS feed of MP3s here:

  • iangould

    DoMA struck down.

    The SC declined to rule on the decision of a lower court to overturn California Proposition 8. so, for now at least, marriage equality is enacted in California but the court didn’t ruel on the constitutionality of states restricting marriage rights to heterosexuals.