Perkins: Obama is Picking On Us. Send Money.

Right Wing Watch has the latest fundraising letter from the Family Research Council. Tony Perkins does the standard issue “Obama and liberals are trying to destroy us” schtick, along with the obligatory “send us money and we’ll stand up to him” ending.

The anti-Christian crusade instigated by the SPLC has already resulted in an armed terrorist attack on Family Research Council headquarters in Washington, D.C…

The President needs to be exposed for colluding with the SPLC to stifle debate on social policy issues by means of intimidation, fear-mongering, and spreading lies…

The majority of Americans do not agree with the President’s leftist agenda to remake our country into a socialist state ruled by a totalitarian government bureaucracy. And the President knows this. So he is using—and abusing—his presidency to steamroll the American people and implement his radical vision for America…

With less than four years left in office, President Obama is going for broke to accomplish his far-left agenda. In addition to the collusion between his administration and the SPLC, Planned Parenthood, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organizations, President Obama is using the bully pulpit and power of the presidency to promote abortion and same-sex “marriage” while stifling religious freedom at the same time…

This assault on religious freedom in the military is part of a wider plan to neuter the Church and its stand for the timeless values of faith, family and freedom in America…

Moreover, it’s no secret that President Obama is willing to spend your tax dollars to further his plans for legalizing same-sex “marriage”, increasing access to abortion, and silencing Christians…

We cannot side on the sidelines. We cannot close our eyes and hope this will go away. We must stand boldly, yet in love, against hate-filled anti-Christian groups who incite hatred and violence to intimidate us into silence.

Thank you in advance for standing with us in defense of what is right. With God’s grace, we will stop this pernicious evil against people of faith in America.

And now that they have Josh Duggar and the power of his mighty fertile sperm on their side, who could possibly stop them?

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  • Gregory in Seattle

    Keep in mind that Obama’s “leftist agenda” was once widely touted by Republicans as the cure for all of America’s ills… when Ronald Reagan was proposing the identical agenda 30 years ago.

    Yes, this country really has swung that far to the right.

  • Larry

    You mean these guys aren’t in the FEMA camps yet? C’mon, Obama. What’s the holdup?

  • Trebuchet

    Slightly OT: The Supreme Court has just struck down the DOMA provisions preventing the federal government from recognizing SSM. The sound you heard was Perkins’ head exploding.

    Caveat: Heard on CNN, who previously got the Obamacare decision wrong.

  • Chiroptera

    …ruled by a totalitarian government bureaucracy.

    If only they would put this effort into opposing warrantless wiretaps, detaining people without charge, and murder by drone.

  • John Pieret

    Expect more head asploding. DOMA has been overturned for those people who are legally married according to state law. Prop 8 is, in effect, overturned because the appellants had no standing and the the federal district court’s decision stands.

  • petemoulton

    I’d like to see PBO break out some of that radical far-left agenda.

  • Emu Sam

    Yes, please keep using abortion and same-sex marriage in the same sentence. Abortion needs the help of the vast social change marriage rights have undergone.