Gohmert: It’s the End of Civilization!

Rep. Louis Gohmert wasn’t going to let Michele Bachmann get all the headlines for saying incredibly stupid things about the Supreme Court’s marriage equality rulings. He says those rulings will bring about the collapse of American civilization.


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  • Gay marriage will bring about the collapse of American civilization? That’s Gohmert’s job!

  • shouldbeworking

    Obamacare was supposed to bring about the collapse! Just what do the Illuminati have to do to achieve their goal? Statehood for Puerto Rico?

  • martinc

    In supporting a traditional view of marriage, who did Gohmert quote? Solomon. Yes. The guy who had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

    You just can’t make this shit up.

  • Woof

    Screw Louie AND his asparagus.

  • Karen Locke

    How can these politicians be so ignorant of history? I haven’t studied it since high school, know only what I know from general reading, and yet I feel as though I could run rings around them history-wise, especially in the case of how people actually lived and loved. Do they ever read anything but the bible (and occasionally, MAYBE, summaries of bills submitted by staffers)?

  • machintelligence

    Holy crap! So much wrong in less than one and one half minutes. The wisdom of Solomon: there is nothing new under the sun? I guess it is true under the rock where Gohmert lives.

    As to that treaty, England was the author, and all of their treaties begin with that declaration (he is stating pure “Bartonian history” — which only Republicans believe.)

  • Trebuchet

    There’s almost no point in posting these. They’re all the same and none measure up to the “dogs and cats living together” clip Ed posted immediately after the decision!

  • celcus

    If it’s his version of “civilization” that is collapsing, then good riddance.

  • anubisprime

    Really weird…when the right winged loonys get a hit with a piece of legislation that stops them doing what they enjoy….then it is invariably the end of civilization!

    Thing is it might be the end of a facet of their jollies but it never quite matches up with the rhetoric for the rest of rational folk.

    In Blighty it is the same sort of ‘wolf’ howling from the retarded right!

    When the National minimum wage was introduced the country would apparently become bankrupt in six months and the end of civilization would follow soon after!

    Several Tories boasted about making plans to leave the country, although quite how that circumvented the crash of civilization was not made clear in any coherent fashion.

    The same debate rages about same sex marriage now…well I say debate more like hysterical bone shaking and mutterings of ‘woe woe and thrice woe’ and ‘the end of the world cometh’ there is no actual conversation…just the usual…’think about the kiddies’ and by inference the horses in the street…and but!… but!… but!…and not much else even vaguely cogent or indeed relevant.

    And what is more stark in the intellectual bankruptcy of it all is the fact it is all, every whine, from the church or from the church backed puppets in government…every single one!

    They are the ONLY dissenters!

    And chief among the naysayers are of course the holy roman scam…bless ’em.

    Got caught just before the Scottish parliament ratified the act for SSM trying to influence government policy by presenting a petition that apparently pretended to represent a significant anti-bias…

    Ophelia has blogged about it…


    Did not quite work out as they hoped!…they got caught…simples!

    But I digress …apologies!

    Anyway the right wing and the church are always co conspirators in tall tales and ghostie scary stories…problem is most of them believe their own lies…if they had a measurable IQ between them it would not be so funny!

    Sad does not do it justice…fucking totally pathetic… is a tad better, but my real disgust is for the brain dead idiots that buy every word of it because it fits in so well with their own bigotries, hatreds and fears.

  • paulburnett

    Somebody once said “America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without passing through civilization.”

  • I’m glad that today, at least, we have the benefit of all these videos of hardcore bigots, so that we can replay them and show their descendants that the likes of old great Grandpa Luis really were nasty assholes. Makes it a little harder to whitewash the past.

  • naturalcynic

    Seriously, Louie, do you really think that the magic incantation “In the Name of the Most Holy & Undivided Trinity” at the beginning of any treaty makes it unbreakable? Snork Snork. How many treaties with those words on them were abrogated? Most likely, all of them.

    The words that guaranteed our independence from Britain were more like “Thank the Lord the bloody Yanks are an ocean away and it just ain’t worth it to try and teach them the lesson that they deserve”

  • ehmm

    Rep. Gohmert should be asked to expand a little on the multitude of great powers who have fallen because of homosexual equality. He should be asked to specifically address the following great or imperial powers:

    Roman (east & west)


    Russian (Romanov)





    Bring popcorn.

  • anubisprime

    Dr X @ 11

    Yep…they are fairly well screwed down tight with regards to their lunacy…the in’ta’nets will be and is the repository of such golden moments where they can be displayed for all to see, there can be no spin there can be no mis speaking to lull the future generations that is was all myth generated by god haters…fuck way things are panning out that point will become mute in three maybe four generations!

    But political and ‘moral’ even ethical stances on a host of subjects will endure for our children’s children to point and laugh.

    They have no where to hide, they are starting to get the realization that is the devastating truth, their character will be naked in front of the world, for all time!

    They have no chance of inventing new lies to cover the old ones or lame excuses to distance themselves when history turns against them like it surely will, this is not their self sanitized involvement with the issue of slavery and certainly not in this case of SSM…they now cannot pretend they were misunderstood.

    It is not ambiguous tittle tattle it is blatant homophobia…

    Of course it is to be expected that many sources like xtian blogs and U-tube clips will disappear or be tried to be disappeared when it becomes obvious they are a liability or a massive embarrassment in a brand new world.

    A classic example of post cretinist expunging of a particularly suicidal comment, comes to mind.

    The Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor and his now infamous claim that atheists were ‘sub-human’

    The video disappeared in about three days…and it was everywhere on ta tubes!

    But the post meltdown clean up, after it generated a tsunami of complaint, cannot get rid of the myriads of links that document and discuss the claim in some detail.

    I am sure behind some wall somewhere the original transcript and video are still available, it will not have disappeared completely and I would imagine there are a few atheist sites that downloaded the video for their ….’archives’…because it was a classic and particularly nasty and vindictive comment made by a senior clergyman.

    It lays bare their character, it reveals the true face of Roman Catholic clergy, and what is more devastating it reveals the intellectuality behind their argument and this interview was made because the fool thought that he would be immune from criticism after-all he was a Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church…oh Cormac…how naive your stupidity actually is.

    He wanted applause he got a raspberry…and the church got embarrassed….result!

    The same goes for the utterly repugnant outpourings of vitriol, hatred, histrionic laced, hateful declarations about teh gheys made by Cardinal Keith O’Brien which possibly now is explained by a presumed deep self loathing.

    Further revelation is that he had a ‘long’ standing ‘relationship’…described elsewhere as the ‘boyfriend’.. with another priest it was not just wine laden fumbles with a few juniors although it was that as well!

    But it is all out in cyber land now, they are nailed to the cross of their own bigotry for all time, long may they rot in their own hell!

    And politicians had better wake up as well, but with the present crop of retarded rethugs like Louie, that is not a guaranteed reaction.

  • Chiroptera

    Oh, and remember how the homophobes vowed to resist the Supreme Court’s rulings? How is the resistance coming along? Have they barricaded their churches yet to keep out federal tax lawyers who might offer tax breaks to legally married couples?

  • Michael Heath

    naturalcynic writes:

    The words that guaranteed our independence from Britain were more like “Thank the Lord the bloody Yanks are an ocean away and it just ain’t worth it to try and teach them the lesson that they deserve”

    Ahem, the Brits did try and teach the U.S. a lesson, twice. They failed on that count.

  • anubisprime

    Michael Heath @ 16

    They failed on that count

    For which they are now and eternally completely ecstatically happy about ;-)…now that is what ya call dodging the bullet!

  • imthegenieicandoanything

    Any “civilization” that chooses a Louis Gohmert to lead it has already fallen. He really does take the cake, even in a political party that includes ultra-shits like Ted Cruz, Dick Cheney, and the worst human being ever, past, present or future, Steve King.

    I must say that I will be impressed if they can find people worse than their current crop. It does not seem even remotely possible.

    I doubt I will be evenr more than tersely civil to anyone willing to vote “Republican” ever again.

  • yoav

    Wait didn’t western civilization already collapsed when Obama was reelected, or was it when DADT was repealed, right I remember now it was when the healthcare bill passed, or was it when the military allowed women into combat roles, it also happened when the schools were desegregated just like it did when the military was desegregated and when blacks were allowed into MLB. Civilization ended when the monetary system went off the gold standard when social security was passed, when and when slavery was abolished and when the constitution banned religious tests for office. Since civilization have been ending, on nearly a weekly basis, for centuries without anyone other then the Louie Gomerts of the period noticing it I doubt if we will notice when it collapse over the demise of DOMA.

  • overworldtheme

    The irony of bringing up the (1783) Treaty of Paris is that neither side really held themselves to its terms. So much for being “too afraid to go back on their word”, huh, Gohmert?

  • Anubisprime @14,,

    That was a very satisfying comment. The anticipatory schadenfreude was pleasingly palpable for a moment.

  • Trebuchet

    Civilization also collapsed when DADT was enacted, as I recall. Allowing gays to serve without actively being sought out and persecuted would be the end of Western civilization.

  • conway

    And I feel fine.

  • Randomfactor

    Ahem, the Brits did try and teach the U.S. a lesson, twice. They failed on that count.

    Maybe, but the Canadians are only refraining from doing so AGAIN out of innate politeness.

  • smrnda

    I think these people define ‘civilization’ differently than I and most of the rest of people posting here do. I would like to ask these people exactly what they take as markers of ‘civilization’ as opposed to ‘barbarism,’ because it seems to me that acceptance of same sex marriage is correlated strongly with just about anything I’d call civilization.

  • dingojack

    Like others above, I keep wondering is this the same ‘collapse of civilisation’ that’s been threatened, virtually every year, by right-wing nutjobs ever since the year dot?


  • patricksimons

    I’ve become convinced, Louie Gohmert is a lab experiment, gone terribly wrong. Someone gave this guy a big load of drugs, then just sat back to see what would happen.

  • I get constant errors, have they already memory holed it?

  • Michael Heath


    The video is still there, that’s because Right Wing Watch uploaded it. Here’s the link to the video at YouTube: http://goo.gl/KOoo4.

  • caseloweraz

    Here are the first five U.S. states to approve same-sex marriage, and the effective dates:

    Massachusetts 17 May 2004

    California 16 June 2008

    Connecticut 12 November 2008

    Iowa 27 April 2009

    Vermont 1 September 2009

    Wikipedia also notes that “As of May 2013”, same-sex marriage is legal in thirteen countries (Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, and Sweden).

    It’s amazing how promptly civilization collapsed in all those places. (sarcasm)