Bigots Demand Delay in CA Marriages

At the request of California Attorney General Kamala Harris, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals lifted its stay and allowed same-sex marriages to resume in that state on Friday, much quicker than expected. And the bigots cannot stand the idea of equality coming even three weeks sooner than necessary, so they’re trying to put a stop to it:

Attorneys with the Arizona-based Alliance Defending Freedom claim in the petition that the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals acted prematurely and unfairly on Friday when it allowed same-sex marriage to resume by lifting a hold it had placed on same-sex unions while a lawsuit challenging the ban made its way to and through the Supreme Court.

Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Austin Nimocks says the Supreme Court’s consideration of the case is not done yet because his clients still have 22 days to ask the justices to reconsider their decision holding that Proposition 8’s backers did not have legal authority to defend the ban.

Yeah. Never mind that this never actually happens and isn’t going to happen this time (and it didn’t; the court denied the request). But if they can just preserve discrimination and inequality for three more weeks, they can salvage some tiny bit of temporary joy out of controlling and oppressing other people. These are really very disturbing people.

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  • John Pieret

    And yet they cry over the fact that they are called bigots and homophobes. All they have to do is to listen to what they say and watch what they do.

  • “Bigots Demand Delay in CA Marriages ”

    And once again demonstrate (as if that was required) what arrogant, childish and fearful assholes they are.

  • raven

    As far as most can see, these days fundie death cult xianity is centered around…hating gays.

    That is all they have. Not much of a basis for a religion IMO but whatever. I guess hate is its own reward.

    But religions are adaptable. Why not, it’s all make believe and let’s pretend anyway.

    They will just have to find some other groups to hate. Best guesses are that it will be Moslems and atheists. And they never completely let go of their old hates so they will drag them out of their attics every once in a while.

  • Randomfactor

    As far as most can see, these days fundie death cult xianity is centered around…hating gays.

    And non-submissive women.

  • Alliance Defending Freedom

    No comment. I just put that there so that all mankind can bask in its irony.

  • matty1

    I am disappointed Justice Kennedy denied the request without comment, surely he should have said “For fucks sake we already said no”

  • marcus

    I was wondering, has SCOTUS ever revoked one of it’s decisions in the 25 day waiting period?

  • anubisprime

    If they do that again they have to stand in the corner with a dunces hat on…for the rest of the semester!

    And we may all point and laugh!…matty @ 6 and Modusoperandi @ 5 …classy moves I saw wot ya did there!

  • Dear bigots: Your tears are delicious.

  • slc1

    There was a report that the Prop. 8 proponents might try to approach one of the other justices to bypass Kennedy who is responsible for 9th Circuit actions.

  • whheydt

    Re: Marcus @ #7…

    As I read things–IANAL–it’s that the losing side has 25 days to *ask* the SCOTUS to reconsider their decision. IF the court agrees, *then* some sort of process would start. What I haven’t seen anything about is that they have *ever* done that. So, as a practical matter, Prop. 8 is dead and buried.

    What I find, well, “amusing” is the best I can come up with, is that the group–ADF–trying this is based in *Arizona*. You’d think they’d create a California-based front organization to fight over a California action. Perhaps what is needed is for the California supporters of marriage equality to raise funds and start a fight over the issue in Arizona.

  • Just picked up my marriage licence in Monterey County, CA. I had absolutely no issues and the clerk that helped us seemed to be almost vibrating with excitement. There were several other gay couples there, and we were all of the opinion that we were going to get this paperwork done, and done now in case someone manages to take it away from us. Again.

  • Chiroptera

    Kevin, #9:

    Their tears of unfathomable sadness?

  • otrame

    Congrats, sparky_ca. I am happy for you. The lesbian couple that was one of those that brought the suit were married on Saturday, IIRC.

  • slc1

    Re otrame @ #14

    As was the gay couple in Los Angeles by the outgoing mayor.

  • cptdoom

    But if they can just preserve discrimination and inequality for three more weeks, they can salvage some tiny bit of temporary joy out of controlling and oppressing other people.

    Oh, Ed, they were wanting far more than three weeks of continued discrimination and inequality, they were hoping for months, if not years, of delay tactics to try and forestall the inevitable. The party line of the anti-gay side was quite clear Wed – Fri of last week. A sampling of what I heard:

    “Prop 8 is still the law of the land”

    “The Court refused to overturn Prop 8”

    “No one knows what happens now”

    “The original ruling only applied to the 4 couples.”

    “The original ruling only applied to 2 CA counties.”

    The anti-gay hate movement leaders were drooling in anticipation of all the delay tactics they could try to tie up CA and the pro-equality side in litigation. That’s why they were so sad on Friday night and over the weekend. Once the marriage licenses began to be distributed, the genie was out of the bottle and not going back in. The delay tactics they were going to try would be tough enough during the 25 day delay, but once the marriages began it would be practically impossible to stop them.

    I love the smell of shadenfreude in the morning. It smells like victory!

  • Nentuaby

    I was very surprised by the speed with which equal marriage was reimplemented… I was expecting things to take at least a month, if only because things the government does DO take at least a month. (Those forms don’t fill themselves out in triplicate.) Yet I didn’t even hear the news that the Circuit Court had cleared things to procede; instead I saw a Facebook post mid-Friday that one of my friends was at SF City Hall watching a wedding!

    I got there myself about 5:30PM, in time to watch a few more couples being married. It was… Man, I don’t usually cry at weddings, but the emotion in the chamber at that time was amazing.

  • Loqi


    All women. They just tolerate the ones who serve them.

  • marcus

    cptdoom @ 16 Yes, I was anticipating (dreading) weeks delaying tactics, litigation, and ‘what stupid shit are they going to try next?’ idiocy by the h8ers. I declare Kamala Harris a genius for moving to preempt all that happy, holy horseshit.

  • Sparky:

    Have a FABULOUS wedding!

    “if only because things the government does DO take at least a month.”

    Not when the only people who really support it are NOT the governor and the AG.

  • whheydt

    Sparky: Congratulations! Hope you and your partner have a long and happy marriage.

    Now on to other points, having gotten the important one out of the way first…

    The two women who were original plaintiffs were married by Kamala Harris…who is the California Attorney General, and the one who asked the 9th Circuit to dissolve its stay.

    Something overlooked is that on Thursday, Gov. Brown told all county clerks to prepare to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The forms were developed originally after the CA Supreme Court ruled that barring SSM violated the California Constitution, so that issue was already taken care of.

    Now a question.. Has anyone heard anything out of Imperial County? That’s where the county clerk wanted to defend Prop. 8 and claimed to have standing to do so? That county *may* be a “flash point” of resistance. Of course, there are other conservative counties in the state, but they were vocal down there in the past.

  • slc1

    Re whheydt @ #21

    The other plaintiffs from Los Angeles who were male, were married on Saturday at a ceremony officiated by the outgoing mayor of Los Angeles.

  • slc1

    Re whheydt @ #21

    Apparently, Imperial County is going to issue same sex marriage licenses.,0,5538582.story

  • abb3w

    Rule 44 motions are ALMOST never granted; there seem to have been a spate circa 1957, of which one was successful — Reid v Covert.

    On the other hand, I’m not turning up many since 1970 (via clumsy Google Scholar search), and there’s apparently only been that one which ever succeeded.