Hey Creative People: Help the Foundation Beyond Belief

The Foundation Beyond Belief is, in the next few weeks, going to reach an incredible milestone: $1 million raised and distributed to charitable organizations, in only three and a half years. We’d obviously like to get as much attention as possible to that achievement, and in this day and age that means…MEMES. We’ve got some cool ideas for some memes but we’d love to harness the creativity of the humanist community in bring them to life. So that’s where you come in, if you have some of that graphic design talent that I so horribly lack. And there’s a prize: Anyone who creates a meme that we use (we’ll likely use more than one) will get a t-shirt. Here are some of our ideas:

1. Okay, my personal favorite: A picture of Dale McGowan as Austin Powers, with pinky in place saying “One MILLION dollars.” We could call it Dr. Not-So-Evil.

2. “Here’s a million reasons why Time magazine should do a story about secular charities.”

3. You could take the FBB logo and note some of the big achievements over the last few years, like raising $430,000 to fight leukemia and lymphoma. Or funding Leo Igwe’s fight against witch hunting in Africa.

4. One Million and counting…humanist response raised enough to feed ___ victims within ___ days.

One Million and counting…humanists gave an overwhelming $430k to LLS’s Light the Night walk.

One Million and counting…FBB’s Pathfinders Project brings ground support to those in need.

And any other ideas you may have. Be creative. But this is important: Keep the message positive. We simply aren’t going to consider insulting or even mildly offensive memes, so please don’t waste your time or ours with them. We’re promoting our own positive actions, not engaging in religion-bashing. It isn’t the right context for any of that. Let’s spread the word that the secular community is actively engaged in putting humanist values into action and improving the human condition. Oh, and email them to me. We need the entries by July 10 at the latest. Thanks!

"Hey! That's no bag! That's my wife!* * h/t: Vaudeville"

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  • “A million dollars? This Foundation…. Beyond Belief!”

  • Why create a new meme when we can reduce, reuse and recycle?

    Supporting disease research: $xxx,xxx.

    Funding education in Africa: $xxx,xxx.

    Working to preserve biodiversity around the planet: $xxx,xxx.

    Providing food, water, shelter and other necessities in times of disaster: $xxx,xxx.

    Showing by example what it means to be good without God? Priceless.

  • Don Williams

    1) How about “Destroy the 2%” ? After all, they are the cause of poverty from which other miseries flow.

    2) If you want Graphics , how about this?


  • Don Williams
  • otrame

    I like Gregory in Seattle’s.

  • dingojack

    How about along the lines of ‘Doctors without Borders’:

    Secours (or bonté) sans divinités” ?

    Or maybe:

    “Foundation Beyond Belief:

    We gave a million to the sick, the hungry, the homeless

    simply because it was the right thing to do.

    Will you give too?”


    “Foundation Beyond Belief:

    All care; no imagined divinities‘”..


    “FBB: Charity is it’s own reward”



    The leftist in me thinks of:

    ‘From each according to their ability

    To each accord to their need”

  • Draken

    (1) will get you in trouble with MGM Time Warner RIAA MPAA CopyRightFascists, inc.

  • Draken

    Unless you pay them… one MILLION dollar.