Mefferd Wants to Make America Like Senegal

Wingnut talk show host Janet Mefferd sighs wistfully as she links to an article about the country of Senegal making homosexuality illegal. “Oh to be Senegalese,” she pines. Hey, there’s nothing stopping you from moving there, Janet. Or to any of the other 70 some countries that criminalize being gay, most of them Muslim. In some of them, they actually stone them to death. Wouldn’t that be fun for you, you fascist theocrat?

But the real fun is in the article she linked to, which is on Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller rag. The headline reads “Senegalese president shoots down Obama’s push for gay rights in Africa,” but the URL and thus likely the original headline was “Obama Makes Same-Sex Marriage Gaffe in Senegal.” I have no idea why anyone would think this was a “gaffe,” but that’s the sort of stupid thing the Daily Caller likes to say. Here’s what happened:

During his first visit to Africa as president, Barack Obama took the opportunity to champion same-sex marriage, despite the fact that he was speaking in a country where homosexuality is forbidden and a punishable crime.

Senegalese President Macky Sall rebuffed Obama’s urging by saying that although his country is “very tolerant,” it is not ready to decriminalize homosexuality.

Yeah, they’re “very tolerant.” They throw gay people in prison for five years, but they’re “very tolerant.” Just like I’m “very vegetarian.”

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  • US Constitution: love it or leave it.

  • raven

    I do wish the oodgedy boogedy xians would find a nice xian theocracy and move to it.

    There are 220 countries in the world. Surely, at least one must have discovered god’s law and instituted xian sharia. Hmmm, well doesn’t look like it.

    Some of those countries are small enough, they could just buy the whole thing.

    It would be a win-win situation. They get their own heaven which looks like hell to normal people. And we get rid of a drag on our society.

  • Chiroptera

    Janet Mefferd: “Oh to be Senegalese,” she pines.

    Has she looked into Senegal’s immigration and naturalization procedures? ‘Cause I think she could make that totally happen!

  • John Pieret

    I do wish the oodgedy boogedy xians would find a nice xian theocracy and move to it.

    There’s some prime real estate just south of Tierra del Fuego which would be a perfet place to keep send them.

  • Don Williams

    Alternatively, you could do like the Democrats —make gays eligible for military service/the draft so there will be lots of nice gay cannon fodder if billionaires Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban and Rupert Murdoch want to go ahead with that invasion of Iran thing.

    I may be wrong but I don’t think this guy has much of a future in the New York Fashion industry:

    Yes, Faustus, there will be a price for this. They will eventually get around to telling you.

  • John Pieret @4: You mean Antarctica? Populated by Christian theocrats? Now that really would be the Deep South 🙂

  • eric

    I do wish the oodgedy boogedy xians would find a nice xian theocracy and move to it.

    Sometimes I wish the feds would just let them set up their crazy communes here. IMO, historically, the government was a lot more lax about enforcing civil rights in small religious communities…and guess what? For the most part, they never grew. Never prospered. Never had the neighbors going “hey, I want some o’ that.” Instead, they served as object lessons of how horrific and dictatorial such theocracies quickly become, and those small religious communities died out after a generation. I am firmly convinced that if we actually let these fundie conservatives live according to their own rules, there would be less fundie conservatives 20 years from now. Their communities would self-moderate, or die out. IMO, if we didn’t kill places like Ave Maria, they’d die on their own within a generation but with the added benefit of destroying the power of their vision at the same time.

    But then I think of the children (no hyperbole intended) – in such communities, there are always people who lack the ability to escape and want their civil rights enforced. We owe them that enforcement. Such experiments basically make those innocents pay the price of their freedom so that the population at large can get an object lesson – and that’s intolerable. So, no freaking way would I support giving them their own communities. But occasionally its a nice daydream.

  • Pen

    Equally, wouldn’t it be nice if all Senegalese homosexuals could just up and move to the USA, or other country of choice. I rather think that could be beneficial to all concerned but we don’t really have an international situation where we can all vote with our feet, do we?

  • shouldbeworking

    Being such a traditionalist woman, she should feel right at home.From Wikipedia:

    Women in Senegal face a number of disparities in their social status. Women have high rates of illiteracy. They make up less than 10% of the formal labour force. Female genital mutilation is a persistent practise in some rural areas, despite being outlawed by the constitution of 2001.[3] Women’s legal rights are blunted by such practises as polygyny marriages, and Islamic law involving property ownership.

  • slc1

    Re Don Williams @ #5

    Invasion of Iran? What invasion of Iran. There is nothing wrong with Iran that 2 o3 3 Tsar bombs won’t cure.

  • raven

    I wouldn’t call Senegal a role model for much of anything.

    1. Average lifepspan is 63, the USA is 77 years.

    2. Senegal ranks 154 out of 185 on the UN’s scale of human development, a measure of people’s well being.

    3. Senegal’s per capita income is $1,000 a year.

    4. It’s a Moslem state.

    But hopefully that won’t stop the bigot Janet Mefferd from moving there. Those are just minor details compared to hating for jesus.

    And it won’t cost her anything. We could easily raise thousands to send her there as long as she surrenders her American passport.

  • bmiller

    Ah…we hear more about the most fervid dreams of strange-love-(war)criminal1.

    Tell me…are you..AROUSED by the thoughts of nuclear war, slc?

  • slc1

    Re bmiller @ #12

    It’s very simple, somebody has to show Iran who’s boss.

  • thomasmorris

    And by “show Iran who’s boss,” slc1 means “murder every person in the country.”

    Cause that’ll show ’em!

    (“‘Em” referring to the tens of millions of Iranian men, women, and children who would be dead as a result of slc1’s policy.)

  • naturalcynic

    There are 220 countries in the world. Surely, at least one must have discovered god’s law and instituted xian sharia. Hmmm, well doesn’t look like it.

    Some of those countries are small enough, they could just buy the whole thing.

    There’s always the Vatican, but that might be too small.

  • Anthony K

    Tell me…are you..AROUSED by the thoughts of nuclear war, slc?

    He’s too busy trying to find room for one more crusty sock under his bed to answer.

  • slc1

    Re bmiller @ #12


  • kermit.

    slc1@13 “It’s very simple, somebody has to show Iran who’s boss.”


    Why? Do I have to kill people on the sidewalk as I pass to show them who’s boss?

  • bmiller

    slc @17

    Yet every possible opportunity, no matter how peripheral, is a clal for flaming death!

    One has to wonder, also, (and by no means do I love the Mad Mullahs) which country is more Insane…the America of Vietnam, Dick Cheney, and Death Robot Obama…or Iran.

  • Don Williams

    Re SLC at 10:

    1) A physicist like yourself should see the obvious shortcoming of Tsar Bomba. Pressure drops

    per the Radius CUBED law (expanding sphere.) Cube root of 64 is 4 so 58 MT Tsar Bomba damage radius is less than 4 times that the 1 MT warhead : 4 x7mi or 28 miles. A mere trifle.

    2) That is why we went to the MIRV (multiple reentry warhead) — the Minuteman III ICBM. SIX nuclear explosions with overlapping pressure spheres/thermal pulses lets you carpetbomb even a large urban area into ashes:

    3) Plus the Tsar Bomba was huge –had to be carried by very vulnerable, slow moving bombers. Whereas

    the MIRV goes up about 1000 miles and then drops like the hammer of God. About 30 second to ground after it hits the atmosphere 60 miles up.

  • dan4

    @5: Yes, Democrats should want to bar gays from being able to serve in the military because war with Iran would be a bad thing. Who could argue with, ahem, “logic” like that?

  • Don Williams

    PS to SLC

    1) The Minuteman is a lovely weapon — SOLID rocket fuel so no delay in launch, unlike its liquid fueled predecessors.

    Plus it was the Minuteman Program which developed the PC and Silicon Valley –not Bill Gates or Steven Jobs. They simply adapted its guidance computer to playing Pong. With nukes, being accurate is almost as important as Megatonnage –again, because of the Radius cubed effect.

    2) The guiding genius behind the creation of Minuteman was Colonel Edward Hall — who , IMO, was screwed out of a deserved promotion by General Vandenberg.

    3) Edward’s brother was Theodore Hall — aka Theodore Holtzberg — who worked at Los Alamos and who handed several of the real secrets of the atomic bomb to Joe Stalin. A fact not revealed until 50 years later, ha ha ha.

  • Last time when showed Iran who was boss, we put the Shah in power. They didn’t work out to well for us in the long run.

    Ironically, the people slc1 wants to nuke are some if the most pro-western people in the Middle East.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Once I met a cynical sinny gal.

    It didn’t work out.

  • Don Williams

    Correction to 20, SLC

    1) Sorry — Minuteman max altitude is 700 miles –it was the Atlas that went up to 900 miles.

    Space station , for comparison , orbits about 220 miles up.

  • slc1

    Re Don Williams @ #20

    The Tsar bomb was tamped down to 58 MT. The theoretical yield was 100 MT. It was tamped down because it was thought that the Bear turboprop bomber that delivered it would not retreat far enough to survive a full 100 MT explosion. The bomb weighed some 60,000 so a B52, suitably modified, could probably deliver it (as I understand it, the original design of the B 52 was for four 15 MT bombs. As to its vulnerability, it is doubtful that the Iranian anti-aircraft capability could shoot it down if it were accompanied by suitable support aircraft for radar suppression and anti-aircraft missile suppression.

    By the way, what is the reference to each of 10 MIRVed bombs being 1 MT each. As I recall, they were a lot closer to 100 KT each.

  • The irony of a wingnut expressing admiration for a country that throws gays in prison while many of her fellow travelers are freaking out of an imaginary threat to throw them in prison is rather amusing.

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  • Lyle

    David Hart @6:

    The South Pole: Where everybody else in the world is a northerner.

  • shay

    Wait ’til she finds out they speak *shudder* French!

  • It seems she only meant it as a “lighthearted observation.” *cough*