SSA and FFRF Team Up

Hemant reports a bit of good news, that the Freedom From Religion Foundation has essentially agreed to become the legal arm of the Secular Student Alliance and to advise and represent students around the country who are thwarted by school administrations when trying to form secular clubs.

“No student should ever be subjected to religious discrimination from their school, but they don’t always know where to turn for help,” said Andrew Seidel, a staff attorney with the Freedom From Religion Foundation. “With today’s partnership, we’re telling students that when push comes to shove, we have their backs.”

“Younger Americans are less religious than ever, and they’re turning from religious congregations to secular communities,” said SSA Communications Director Jesse Galef. “This partnership ensures that students both know their rights and that we’re here to defend them. The message to school administrators is clear: secular students won’t be pushed around any more.”

As Hemant notes, this has been going on unofficially for a while now, but it’s good to formalize that relationship. Andrew Seidel does really good work for FFRF and he’s been a big help to me in reporting and analyzing many stories.

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  • TX_secular

    This is good news. Two of my favorite organizations working together on an ongoing problem on US campuses.

  • theschwa

    If we can just get 3 more groups to join, then we would have ourselves an organizational Voltron on our hands!

  • Michael Heath

    I’m glad to see these resources offered. However I would hope the FFRF would be a conduit to ACLU legal representation when it comes to court cases brought by the Secular Student Alliance or its members.

    One way liberals generate a tremendous amount of moral authority in its promotion of the founding value of secularism is the track record of the ACLU. A track record which defends the exercise and protection of rights by those who are also conservatives.