Video of the Atheist Monument Dedication

Here’s the full video of the dedication ceremony for the atheist monument in Bradford County, Florida. The speeches begin at about the 5 minute mark, starting with some local politician pissing on the whole thing by giving a mini-sermon, unfortunately. The rest is very good though. And at the end, you’ll see Eric Hovind and some other guy interrupt the ceremony and start to preach.


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  • Alverant

    I have to wonder, if an Atheist interrupted a christian preacher in an open forum and there were police officers near by, what would happen.

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Is that VenomFangX holding the camera at the beginning?

  • lowkey

    I saw the Mayor (I think the first speaker was the Mayor) standing way in the back during the rest of the ceremony and I thought about going over to him and telling him that I thought his need to insert the “As for me and my house, we will serve the lord” crap was offensive. I didn’t and I wish now I had.

  • Michael Heath

    lowkey’s mayor:

    “As for me and my house, we will serve the lord”


    Write your mayor a letter. Inform him the meaning of this quip has him disqualifying himself from office. That if he’s going to submit to religious dogma at the expense of protecting people’s religious freedom rights in his jurisdiction, then he’s violating his oath of office, in violation of the Constitution, and infringing on the liberty rights of other people by seeking to exploit government power to promote his religion to the detriment of other people’s liberty rights. That’s not what we do in a free society; that is what we see from fascists and theocrats.

  • Shouldn’t Eric take this time to visit his dad in prison?