CWA Interns: Our Future Marriage Vows are Diminished!

Concerned Women for America sent a couple of their young interns down to the Supreme Court last Wednesday morning to file a report on what they saw. They lamented the fact that the anti-equality side was badly outnumbered and that the pro-equality side included Christian ministers. And then they ended with this:

As young, unmarried women, we feel the meaning of our future vows have already been diminished. As Christians, we believe that marriage is a union between a husband and wife that displays the love God has for His church. However, when this union is recognized as something different than God’s holy plan for marriage, the meaning of those sacred vows are no longer there.

Funny how gay couples getting married diminishes the sacred meaning of the wedding vows, but Newt Gingrich marrying a string of mistresses doesn’t. And do they really believe that? Of course not. If they did, they wouldn’t get married at all. After all, the vows would no longer be sacred and they have no meaning. But they’ll still get married and they’ll mean their vows and it will have absolutely no effect at all on their marriages. Because all this talk of gay marriage diminishing and ruining the sanctity of marriage is gibberish. They don’t mean it. Hell, they don’t even know what it means. They’re just empty words.

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