Kent Hovind’s New Dissertation

You’ll be happy to hear that Kent Hovind hasn’t just been wasting his time in federal prison on tax fraud charges, he’s been improving himself. In fact, he just earned a second “PhD” from Patriot “University” and he’s now selling his “dissertation” as a book. Or you can read it for free here.

I’ll give him credit; at least this time his “dissertation” doesn’t start out, “Hello, my name is Kent Hovind” — as all great PhD theses do. Nor does it appear to have any bad poetry like this from his first one:

Two blind men argued well into the night/about the great question, “Is there really sight?”

Said one to the other (and quite fervently) There cannot be colors or else we could see!

To deny His existence is really absurd.You’ll have to believe Him and trust in His Word.”

Shakespeare, eat your heart out. The book version of this “thesis” is called “What on Earth Is About to Happen for Heaven’s Sake?” How clever. It’s a book about the coming rapture and all that nonsense and it begins, “World events are pretty frightening!” Clearly he thought that “Golly gee, look at that” seemed a bit too informal for a dissertation.

Good for him for adding a second useless PhD to go along with his first one and his three worthless master’s degrees.

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