Dumbass Quote of the Day

David Barton and Rick Green had Baptist minister Danny Holliday on the Wallbuilders radio show earlier this week. Holliday was active in the fight against marriage equality in Illinois. And he has one of the most warped interpretations of the First Amendment you’re ever going to see:

It’s not about the character or integrity of people who are gay, it’s not about them. The issue is God defined marriage and since our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence and the oath of office in the state of Illinois recognize almighty God, then we have no right to disregard what God says about the institution of marriage. They don’t have a right to step beyond the veil, that separation of church and state, because it is God who gives us religious freedom and not the state.

Wow. Holliday actually believes that separation of church and state requires a theocracy. But by his “reasoning,” worship of other gods would be illegal too because the Bible says God frowns upon that too. Not the brightest knife in the drawer, this one.

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