Bradlee Dean’s Latest Bit of Stupid

Bradlee Dean really is a special kind of stupid. In his latest Worldnutdaily column, he puts his utter cluelessness on stark display. He seems baffled by the concept of public opinion polling and can’t seem to figure out why a polling company would ask people about two recent Supreme Court decisions. He also can’t seem to understand that public opinion changes over time.

I was absolutely humored by the blatancy of the propagandists who promulgate lies through the state-run media outlet USA Today this week. Their front-page headline was “Same-sex marriage at record approval.” How did that happen? The sub-headline was an odd distraction: “Polls find more discord with court’s decision on race.” What does race have to do with same-sex marriage?

Gee Bradley, I don’t know. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the Supreme Court handed down very controversial decisions on consecutive days, one having to do with race and voting rights and two of them having to do with marriage equality. Is it really so odd that a pollster would ask people how they feel about those decisions in a single poll? This isn’t “propaganda,” it’s really quite normal and reasonable. Only in your festering mind would it be seen as the least bit odd.

They continuously push lies to establish oppression in hopes that the American people will fall victim to their lies. They attempt to produce hopelessness for those who stand on the side of America’s God-given constitutional republic.

We took the time to go straight to the source and ask the author of the USA Today article, Susan Page, how many people took the poll. “There were 1,003 adults polled by landline and cell phone.” We responded, “As a thinking citizen, how [does] polling 1,003 adults in this country become a staple of what the majority of America thinks?”

Page replied, “Well, that’s a fair point. But we rely on polling (and sample sizes of 1,000 or so) to track the temperature of citizens.”

She then claimed that those who take the polls are “randomly selected, then weighted for demographic size.” The article does not specify who took the poll, the demographic chosen, or where these polls were taken. Yet the title of this article is completely misleading the public by stating that America supports same-sex marriage by a “record majority,” which is completely deceptive!

Uh, what? This is how polling is done. It’s been that way for a long, long time. Do you suppose Dean throws this kind of tantrum over polls that show his beliefs in the majority? Of course not. Yet his arguments apply to any poll ever taken.

Firstly, knowing that America is a nation established under the umbrella of Christianity with 32 states that have voted to ban homosexual marriage, the results of this poll is highly suspicious.

Secondly, the good people of California voted – not once, but twice – to ban homosexual marriage.

Yeah. See, that was in 2008. In five years, public opinion has shifted quite dramatically on this issue. Last year, the pro-marriage equality side went 4 for 4 in public referendums in the states. And poll after poll after poll shows exactly the same trend. I know you don’t want that to be true, but it doesn’t magically make that reality disappear to soothe your fears.

There was also an overwhelming turnout at a rally in support of traditional, God-ordained marriage during the Supreme Court hearings on DOMA and Prop. 8 in March that, of course, the state-run media chose not to cover.

No, actually. It got lots of coverage. And it was hardly an “overwhelming turnout.” It was, in fact, far smaller than the organizers predicted and wanted. You gotta love wingnuts; if reality doesn’t fit their narrative, they just invent a totally new reality.

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