Barber and Staver: The Boys Who Cried ‘Persecution’

Matt Barber and Mat Staver are continuing their Martyrpalooza 2013 tour, loudly declaring that they will never give in and do something that no one will ever require them to do. And because they won’t do what they don’t have to do, they’ll be persecuted for it.

“Come what may,” Barber proclaimed, “come the persecution, come the penalties, come what may, the full weight of government, we will not pretend that a man can marry a man or a woman can marry a women under any circumstances, in any context whatsoever.”

Great. Knock yourself out! Feel free to not “pretend” that all day, every day until the day you die. Guess what? Not a single shit will be given. No one will care. You can refuse to call a gay couple married all you want. You can refuse to go to gay weddings. You can continue to rail against them from your pulpits and your radio shows. Be my guest. You just won’t be able to actually deny them to other people no matter how much wailing and gnashing of teeth you engage in.


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