Pat Robertson Loves His Gay Viewers

Despite his long record of bigotry and outrageous claims about gay people, Pat Robertson says he’s not at all anti-gay. And he can’t believe you would suggest that he is. Because he loves gay people, especially the thousands of them who allegedly watch his show and are trying to get right with God. My favorite part is when he says that gay people aren’t really gay, they just “need to come out of this.” Because it’s really easy.


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  • matty1

    When I clicked play on this for some reason the video started without sound and the sound came on part way just as Pat was saying “Verrrrry explicit”. It sounds like he’s going for a creepy for Jesus angle.

  • John Cato

    Pat likes a lot of imaginary things.

  • holytape

    Patty Boy wouldn’t recognize love even it wore a name tag.