Perry’s Replacement Could Be Even Worse

Before any Texans rejoice over Gov. Rick Perry deciding not to seek reelection, they might want to read this article by my former colleague Mary Tuma. She points out that his likely replacement, current Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, may well be even worse:

Of the 27 lawsuits against the federal administration, the conservative attorney general has taken on the Environmental Protection Agency to oppose greenhouse gas emission and air quality regulations, the Affordable Care Act and sought to impose Voter ID rules on Texans, according to a list complied by the Texas Tribune. He’s also sued the government to exclude religious organizations from the ACA’s contraception rule and prevented Planned Parenthood from being part of a life-saving Medicaid program that serves low-income women.

Abbott lightheartedly jokes about suing the federal government for fun: “I go into the office, I sue the federal government and I go home,” he is quoted as saying. I suppose the punch line is the fact taxpayers are footing the bill–his fondness for litigious sport cost citizens about $2.5 million in legal fees.

Abbott matches Perry’s anti-federal government, anti-abortion, anti-environmental regulation ideology but the attorney general, equipped with a law degree, comes off much more poised and articulate than the gaffe-plagued governor. In short, he’s likely an even bigger threat to progress in Texas than Perry.


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  • Francisco Bacopa

    Next governor will be Wendy Davis, so no worries. After her, we’ll have one of the Castro Twins.

    Actually, I’m not so sure. If I were the praying type I’d be praying for that.

  • unbound

    Republican politicians seem to be becoming so mindless that I wonder if they even understand how deep they have already dug themselves into corporate favoritism and wedge issue support…they seem intent on just keep digging and digging. More baffling is how deep do the politicians have to dig before the Republican masses notice the hole…I would have thought it was noticeable, oh, say 15 years ago at least…

  • Mr Ed

    Other than rich, white, males the only reason to vote Republican seems to be Stockholm syndrome.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    But what about his hair? That was Perry’s strong suit.

  • Matrim

    I seriously hope I’m not related to him…

    Odds are I am, though. Stupid Texas Abbotts.

  • Vall

    I had the pleasure of voting for Wendy Davis in the last election, and I would vote for her if she ran for governor. The last democrat we had was Ann Richards, who wasn’t even the first women governor of Texas. So no new ground there.

    Many people jump the gun when they assume Texas is automatically republican. Austin is not some magical oasis in the vast wasteland. That is a myth told mainly by people from Austin. Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, Dallas, and Fort Worth all have strong democrat presence, and all of those are bigger than Austin.

    What shocks and amazes me as a Texan, is how long my state has put up with a goddamn Aggie in the office. I don’t care if you are a republican, that has to sting.

  • dshetty

    omes off much more poised and articulate

    Isn’t this automatic disqualification for a Texas republican?

  • Larry

    There are 3 types of Texas GOP politicians:

    1. Worse

    2. Worser

    3. Oops, I forget.

  • rdmcpeek43

    Very good, Larry. Very, very good.

  • Karen Locke

    An Aggie? Sounds local; where I went to school (U.C. Davis, Davis, California) it was a compliment — and like all the U.C. and C.S.U universities, it was a properly liberal school.

  • slc1

    Re Vall @ #6

    Obviously Vall is a UT alumnus.

    We have a similar situation in Virginia where UVA graduates look down on VPU graduates.

  • slc1

    Re Karen Locke @ #10

    Berkeley graduate here.

  • escuerd

    In TX, it’s not just the UT crowd that makes fun of Aggies (though it may be especially true for them, and I’m sure the rivalry is the root of it). Aggie jokes are basically a local variant of blonde or Polish jokes.

  • There is an assumption that Tejans are unhappy with Perry. This is simply not quite correct if you mean a majority. They are quite happy with the rhetoric which is why they re-elect him and the likes of him.

    Tejas will remain red for another decade, and then what’s left of it will wish they had given up on the madness starting with George the Younger.

    Feel sorry for the Austinites but Tejas is doomed for a while.

  • Vall

    It’s a Texas thing, not just UT. I hate the Longhorns too. I grew up in the Southwest Conference days, fan of the Razorbacks. These days I root for my local TCU, the coach is incredible.

    It’s meant to be insulting because of it’s nature, agricultural, the farm-boy school. Where the hayseeds that couldn’t get in to UT go. Although it has been rumored their labs have the best weed.

  • @10 & 12

    UC Santa Cruz grad here 😉

  • Doc Bill

    Abbot is like Ted Cruz without the social graces.

  • coragyps

    @ #14 – I fear you are correct. And maybe even optimistic about only “another decade.”

  • kermit.

    UC Riverside grad here. I wasted my time getting a degree in philosophy when I could have been studying something more interesting – soil science, and earthworms!


    What? I’m serious; I garden more these days than I philosophize…


    I can’t imagine Perry in any of those fields. What did he major in, bluster and pig calling? Hmm. Wikipedia says he “was also elected as one of A&M’s five yell leaders.” And ostensibly a degree in animal science. So yeah, bluster and pig calling.(1)


    (1) To those folks who object to implications that this covers animal science, I’m just trying to imagine the fields Perry might have mastered.