Bachmann Lies Through Her Teeth. Film at 11.

The Worldnutdaily has a video interview with Michele Bachmann in which she tells a major whopper of a lie, claiming that if immigration reform passes President Obama will “wave his magic wand” and issue an executive order allowing all illegal immigrants to vote before the 2014 election. And she claims that he actually did that in 2012:


That’s an absolutely ridiculous lie. No, Obama did not issue an executive order allowing illegal immigrants under 30 to vote. He could not do so even if he wanted to, for crying out loud. What he did do was make a decision in line with administrative discretion to give a two-year deferral of potential deportation for those under 31 who came to the US before they were 16, were either in school or in the military, had lived continuously in the United States for at least five years and had no criminal record. It had absolutely nothing to do with voting. Not one single person got the right to vote as a result, nor could they possibly have done so under the law. Bachmann is lying. As usual. And the Worldnutdaily is promoting those lies. As usual.

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  • “That’s an absolutely ridiculous lie. No, Obama did not issue an executive order allowing illegal immigrants under 30 to vote.”

    If he did not allow illegals to vote, then how did he “win” the election, hmmm? Checkmate, Ed Brayton!

  • Ed:

    Think of all of the time you could save if you only reported something that the Whirled Nuts Daily* ever got RIGHT.

    OT. but, like serial killers and lying U.S. Congresswomen, I just can’t help myself; today’s “Married to the Sea” moment:

    * Am I the only one who saw the original usage of “Whirled Nuts Daily” (by Ed Brayton, IIRC) as a reference to Pornstache Joe Farah’s having had his gonads twisted into a knot?

  • dogmeat

    The irony here is, through gerrymandering, the Republicans have basically changed election law (in the states) making it almost impossible for the Democrats to win control of the House of Representatives in the foreseeable future. Democrats won the total HoR vote by more than a million votes in 2012, some states (PA, MI & VA are prime examples) were so bad that the gerrymandering literally reversed the results of the election numbers and granted majorities to the delegations to the party that lost. The Republicans got their clocks cleaned in ’12 and still have their third largest House Majority in the last 70-75 years.

    It is amazing how often RWNJs project their own actions onto their opponents while lying about their own motives, the motives of their opponents, and the current state of affairs. Judging by the way Bachmann was speaking, I have no realistic doubt that she doesn’t actually believe that this happened in ’12 and that it will happen in ’14 if she and “crusaders for “justice”” like her don’t do something to stop it. It’s interesting that the Moonie post was followed by this one because I’m fairly certain you’d see similar messed up brain activity in this woman’s brain (granted I’m assuming you could find it and that it is large and active enough for an effective scan).

  • dogmeat:

    Are you sayin’ that Missy’s been “Schaivoed”? Call Dr. Bill Frist, STAT!

  • caseloweraz

    “What’s wrong with us?” Michele Bachmann asks, referring to Republicans.

    Only that you failed to stop the president from issuing an executive order by denying him the funds, according to the old adage “The president proposes, but the Congress disposes.”

    See, that’s how the balance of power works. The president has executive powers, which Congress can always block simply by refusing to authorize funds for those actions.

    Oh, wait…


    As always, she not only lies but does so incoherently, saying that the president can and has acted unilaterally but that Congress can stop him.

  • =8)-DX

    They’ll change election law”

    She might not be lying about this part – either democratic gerrymandering or voting precint reform would be a good idea, wouldn’t it?

    The way we spank the president”

    Michele! He’s a married man! (We know you’re not getting much action, but pulling a Lewinski isn’t going to get Obama out of the White House!)

  • =8)-DX

    *democratic gerrymandering .. oops I meant democrats reducing gerrymandering but nah, voting precincts should be decided based on geography and communities by independent officials.

  • raven

    Bachmann is the poster person for fundie xian induced cognitive impairment.

    Her latest lie is just one of countless. She really is saying whatever pops into her head at any moment without considering whether it is true or coherent.

    But she isn’t dumb. Or wasn’t anyway. She has three degrees, one from a real university, one in law, and passed the bar.

    This appears to be a real clinical entity but the mechanism is obscure. It’s probably not organic brain damage.

    PS Bachmann’s disregard for reality and the truth seems to be paralleled by a disregard for rules, regulations, and laws. She is now in legal trouble for misusing campaign funds.

    It’s likely she treats rules, laws, and money like she treats words, just doing whatever she wants without once thinking about whether it is legal or makes any sense.

  • Chiroptera

    Remember that these assets (my apologies to donkeys everywhere) believe Obama has these powers because they expect their president to have awesome unlimited powers…and to use them ruthlessly.

    In a way, th I s is more projection on their part.

  • raven

    Ironically, Bachmann is supposedly a small government Tea Party Libertarian.

    And she has made a profitable career and life mooching off the taxpayers.

    1. Her first career was working for the IRS. She had 5 children paid for by the great government health plan. Reports are that she was absent often because she was either pregnant or taking care of a newborn.

    2. She then was elected to the US house multiple times.

    AFAICT, she has never had a private sector job.

  • Dumb, or insane, or both? It’s hard to decide.

  • sharonb

    “spanking the president?”

    Take away his magic wand?

    Oh Michele, have you been a naughty girl?

    Or are you the type that needs to dominate others?

  • Pierce R. Butler

    When did Obama attend Hogwarts?

    When did Hogwarts open a Kenyan student exchange program?

  • Michael Heath

    That’s as bat shit crazy as the Congressman who claimed Noah’s Ark refutes global warming.

    I was initially willing to give Rep. Bachmann the benefit on the doubt regarding her referring to the president having a ‘magic wand’. But after bringing it up repeatedly with, “taking it out of his hand” and the president needing a spanking; well I think we understand her deeper frustration here. Hubby’s been gettin’ all the magic wand attention leaving Michele with none.

  • Michael Heath

    I don’t hardly ever receive conservative viral emails anymore, but I gotta believe she and millions like her believe this happened in 2012. She doesn’t make shit up, she instead spreads what’s already popular within the group of conservative Christians who forward and believe political viral emails.