Tea Partier: Rapist, Victim Should Serve Same Sentence

Here’s an absolutely staggering video of Scottie Hughes of the Tea Party News Network being interviewed by John Fugelsang. If a woman is raped, he asked her, and she goes to her doctor and he terminates the pregnancy, which one — the rapist, the victim or the doctor — should get the longest jail sentence. She replied that they should all get the same sentence “across the board.” How’s that for being just plain sick and twisted?


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  • David Marjanović

    should get the longest jail sentence

    Not even “any at all” – “the longest”.

  • I guess if you ascribe election defeat to voter fraud you can double down on everything that lost it for you in reality.

  • eric

    That does not even make internal anti-abortion sense. How do you get from ‘abortion is murder’ to ‘the crimes of rape, murder, and accessory to murder should all get the same sentence?’

    Maybe she’s going OT and thinks the punishment for pretty much any crime should be equal – death. But, much more likely, this is an example of an extremist trying to make their extremist view more palatable to the mainsteam, but so badly misunderstanding the mainstream that they fail miserably at it.

  • I hope she never find herself having to make that decision in real life. Statistically speaking, though….

  • Chiroptera

    You know, people really should be asking these same questions to the Tea Party supported candidates for office and pressing for a clear answer.

  • eric

    @5 – totally agree. Age of the earth would also be a good one.

  • eric:

    If anything, if abortion is murder then the rape victim and doctor should both be executed.

    If you’re gonna get all OT the rapist would just have to, what, pay a fine to the victim’s father (or equivalent)?

    So Ms Hughes not even close to the most despicably extreme view she could adopt.

  • Isn’t the penalty in the OT for causing a woman to abort a fine paid to the husband?

    Not equivalent to killing the woman.

  • grumpyoldfart

    You guys have really gone downhill these last few decades.

  • erichoug

    You know I really love listening to the conservatives when they start talking about this stuff. Gay marriage is a lot funnier than abortion though, when they have to start getting into the mechanics of gay sex and you see them getting all uncomfortable , it is hilarious.

    Abortion isn’t as funny but when you start getting to the nitty gritty of the argument and you start hearing their opinions like ‘Hey, you made the decision to have 30 seconds of sex in the back of a car when you were 16 and now you have to suffer the rest of your life. Yeah, we probably could have let your school distribute condoms but that would have just encouraged you to have sex so SUFFER!.” I mean, I know deeply religious people who just put gay sex, abortion and a lot of other conservative hot button issues under the heading of “None of my Business.”

    It is especially funny that the wackaloons are flogging Kermit Gossnel as a reason to ban abortion, the host of the show correctly points out that Kermit Gossnel is what happens when you put more restrictions in place on Abortion. He is not the result of a more liberal abortion policy.

  • Chiroptera

    What if the abortionist makes it to one of the sanctuary cities and convinces the city elders that he hasn’t committed a crime? I think he’s supposed to be let off, but I’ll be the first to admit I’m not as well-versed in wingnut as I should be.

  • ‘Hey, you made the decision to have 30 seconds of sex in the back of a car when you were 16 and now you have to suffer the rest of your life.’

    But aren’t these the people who think that if you are a bit naughty (or aren’t chosen or something) for your few years here on Earth, that you get to spend an infinite eternity suffering in Hell?

  • garnetstar

    Did you see that video–so sorry, can’t remember where it was–maybe Addicitng Ifo?–in which an interviewer asked women protesting abortion what penalty a woman should get for having one? *All* of them said they’d never thought about it! The interviewer pointed out that they’d been in the anti-abortion movement for years.

    When pressed, only two came up with a penalty, but not a criminal one: abortion was its own penalty and the women should be “helped to realize” that. The rest of the protestors refused to give a specific answer, saying that was something they’d have to think about.

    I wonder, if they’d asked male protestors, if they’d have gotten the same answers?

  • exdrone

    “the rapist, the victim or the doctor”? That’s pretty narrow-minded, isn’t it? What about the doctor’s taxi driver, the victim’s landlord, the rapist’s waitress, the manufacturers of the medical equipment? They all contributed to the final crime. So many people seem to be getting off scott free here.

  • iknklast

    14, exdrone:

    what about the victim’s mother? After all, she gave birth to a daughter, brought her up in such a way that she was able to be raped, and then allowed her to leave the house, knowing that there are men out there in the world and some of them are rapists! I ask, why should she get off scot free?

  • matty1

    So many people seem to be getting off scott free here.

    That’s the thing about divine justice no one gets off, we all go to hell. Except for True Christians TM obviously.

  • oranje

    @11: Abortionist? Really? Sarcasm, right?

  • eric


    If anything, if abortion is murder then the rape victim and doctor should both be executed.

    If you’re gonna get all OT

    AIUI, prior to modern medicine Christians did not think the foetus was truly alive and ensouled until it started kicking. That’s the whole concept of quickening. The current evangelical opinion of ‘life begins at conception’ is actually a very new, modern position. So no, in the OT they probably would not have been found guilty of murder. They might have gotten the death penalty anyway since that seems to be the penalty of choice for all and sundry crimes back then, but it probably wouldn’t have been for murdering a 1-month-old person or whatever.

  • D. C. Sessions

    If anything, if abortion is murder then the rape victim and doctor should both be executed.

    That’s why we have “Stand Your Ground” laws.

    Under threat by the neoperson in her uterus, a woman is justified in using deadly force even if there are other ways to avoid the threat (and she’s the only one qualified to judge how serious the threat is.)

  • cottonnero

    In a world where all sins are equal, from lusting after your neighbor’s wife to genocide, I can sort of understand how ‘different punishments for different crimes’ can be a hard concept to parse cleanly. Especially while the fundamentalist being asked the question is in that fugue state that the concept of abortion seems so often to provoke.

  • Chiroptera

    D. C. Sessions, #19:

    Does “stand your ground” apply to fetuses? Maybe the NRA can start a campaign to arm fetuses for their own self-protection!