Two Champions of Rationality Meet in Vegas

This past weekend was The Amazing Meeting, the annual gathering sponsored by the James Randi Educational Foundation. And I absolutely love this picture of Sanal Edamaruku and James Randi, two of the great champions of rationality in the world, finally meeting in person. Each said that the other was their hero and both are mine.


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  • F [is for fluvial]

    In the most dedicatedly irrational place in the States, Have fun!

  • tuxedocartman

    Hey, I live in Vegas, and would argue that Texas or Florida would qualify MUCH more for “most decidedly irrational place in the States.”


    For more people like Sanal.

  • Trebuchet

    A little off-topic, but does TAM have a sexual harassment policy this year? You know, like they so loudly didn’t need just two years ago? Or have they simply succeeded in driving all the feminazis out?