Cheney Not Wingnutty Enough for Fischer

As Liz Cheney prepares to mount a primary challenge to Sen. Mike Enzi in Wyoming next year, many far right leaders are thrilled. But not Bryan Fischer. He’s upset that she’s not anti-gay enough, likely because her sister is lesbian. And that means she’s not a patriot.

Liz Cheney, in contrast to Enzi, lights a fire under many conservatives, particularly on national defense and foreign policy issues. She’s a fighter, like her father. The apricot has not fallen far from the tree.

The massive problem is that on values issues, which matter most right now for America’s future, she will fight for the team wearing lavender instead of the team wearing red, white and blue.

In 2009, she inartfully dodged two attempts to press her to declare her position on sodomy-based marriage, which in the end means just one thing: she’s for it.

Although I’m not aware that she has declared a position on ENDA, in 2009 she supported the State Department’s decision, in flagrant violation of DOMA, the law of the land at the time, to extend benefits to same-sex partners…

George Washington famously said, “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness.”

The bottom line: Liz Cheney is not, under Washington’s definition, a patriot. She will throw her weight behind those who are placing improvised explosive devices beneath both of Washington’s indispensable pillars. When the roof collapses on us all, those who supported Liz Cheney will be partly to blame.

Imagine for a moment being so far out on the right wing lunatic fringe that Liz Cheney is not conservative enough for you.

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  • petemoulton

    Uh…no, thanks, Ed.

  • slc1

    Just for ducks, has ole Liz commented on her sister Mary’s marriage to her longtime girlfriend?

  • matty1

    Of course right wing is not all one thing. The Cheneys are of the profiteering faction and as such have little use for religion except as a source of money and votes. Their alliance with theocrats is purely a practical arrangement not evidence of shared values beyond a hatred of all things left wing.

  • Liz is about to learn the hard way that just spitting venom at liberals isn’t enough to win a republican primary. You have to also be willing through family members to the wolves if necessary.

  • brucegee1962

    Well, obviously she doesn’t support family values unless she’s willing to stand up on a stage and tell her sister that she’s going to hell.

    Wow, my fingers feel dirty just for having typed that.

  • bobcarroll

    Um, d.c., by “through” do you mean “to throw?”

  • laurentweppe

    You know, it’s a little trick used by the fascists in Europe: when a leader of the far-right says something trully heinous, his supporters, instead of defending him, start calling him “too soft”, “too tolerent”, “too diplomat” in public, in order to create among the population the false idea that the leader is somehow much more “moderate” that his troops, and therefore maybe not that harmful.

  • some bastard on the net

    The bottom line: Liz Cheney is not, under Washington’s definition, a patriot.

    Wait, Washington has a definition for that? Why would he care what Washington’s definition is? I thought D.C. was trying to take away his freedom, or something.

  • chilidog99

    Why do I get the impression that Byran Fisher like female wrestling porn?

  • tiredofusernamerules

    Liz Cheney – apricot.

  • John Pieret

    For what is a Halliburton profited, if it shall gain the whole world, and lose it own soul?

  • News Flash:

    Awful person says awful person not so awful.

  • Trebuchet

    Not surprising. The Cheney’s are of the corporatist neo-con Republican persuasion, not the religious-right teaparty brand.

    The “apricot did not fall far from the tree” remark is amusing. Wonder if he’s aware that apricot pits are poisonous? Just like Cheney’s way of thinking.

  • John Hinkle

    In 2009, she inartfully dodged two attempts to press her to declare her position on sodomy-based marriage, which in the end means just one thing: she’s for it.

    Can’t stop thinking about butt sex, can he.

    And by “she’s for it” he means, “she’s for ramming it down our throats.”

  • Moggie


    Liz Cheney – apricot.

    Well, she does have a heart of stone.

  • ianeymeaney

    Sodomy-free marriages are the only way to go? No blowies for you, Bryan!