One More in the Clown Car?

We’ve already got Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum clearly working toward campaigns in the Republican presidential primary in 2016. How about Rep. Peter King too? King would add a great deal of amusement to an already ridiculous slate of candidates.

For a politician whose time in public life has included both public support for a notorious terrorist organization and a willingness to oppose plenty of other things by comparing them to terrorism, it’s hard to be surprised by anything involving Rep. Peter King (R-NY).

Nevertheless, a report Thursday by the conservative outlet Newsmax did the trick. It featured some of King’s allies pushing the idea that the longtime New York lawmaker, known for his tough talk and cable news ubiquity, could run for president in 2016. King followed it later in the day by saying he’s “not ruling anything out.”

If that were to happen, it could make King the Republican Party’s loudest, most over-the-top candidate since Herman Cain.

And now he says he’s considering such a run because Paul and Cruz are not sufficiently “tough” — meaning stupid and authoritarian — on defense and foreign policy.

“A number of people in the last several months, particularly in New York but also around the country, were concerned about what they feel is a lack of a real defense policy or defense debate among Republican candidates for president, focusing primarily on Rand Paul and Ted Cruz,” King said during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Criticism of U.S. drone policy by the likes of Cruz and Paul has drawn the ire of hawks such as King and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), setting the stage for a potential split within the GOP on national security…

“It bothers me when the leading Republicans out there, someone like Rand Paul, seems more concerned about an American being killed in Starbucks by a CIA drone than he is about Islamic terrorism,” King said. “So I think we are the party of Eisenhower and Reagan, which believed in strong national defense. Also, I believe the Republicans have managed to cut themselves off from what used to be the old Reagan coalition. They’re the building trade unions, the operating engineers, the construction workers, the cops, the firefighters. We needlessly antagonize them. So on just two issues, national defense and reaching out to what I believe are really hardcore workers who should be part of the republican majority. I’m certainly willing to be out there and be a spokesman to see where this goes.”

This is all for amusement to me. There isn’t a chance in hell that King would win the nomination and, if he did, the Republican ticket would be doomed. The comparison to Herman Cain is a good one, except that Cain came across as a dull but friendly doofus. King, on the other, comes across as a loudmouthed asshole.

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  • This is yet another case where I love the way my Washington does things differently from the Other Washington. Here, anyone who publicly said anything like “I’m not running for office but if I did…” would trigger state disclosure requirements: they would have 14 days to file with the Public Disclosure Commission and begin reporting any and all campaign expenditures, contributions, etc. Failure to do so could result in fines, ballot disqualification, even criminal charges.

    Alas, we cannot do that impose that on presidential candidates. Pity.

  • “King, on the other, comes across as a loudmouthed asshole.”

    Sure, but how’s he going to distinguish himself from all the candidates?

  • Is it possible to cut the breaks on this particular clown car?

  • jefferylanam

    The problem with this is that King will make Cruz look sane by comparison.

  • Let’s not forget Allen West, who will give the clown car a little diversity. So to speak.

  • demonhauntedworld

    The GOP is the party of Eisenhower? The same Eisenhower who established the TVA and warned of the dangers of the military-industrial complex? Methinks Eisenhower is way too leftist for today’s GOP.

  • slc1

    Re demonhauntedworld

    The TVA was set up in 1933 under Roosevelt. Eisenhower set up the Interstate Highway Program.

    Re Ed Brayton

    As I have previously opined, comparing Ted Cruz with the other occupants of the clown car dangerously underestimates him. He is not someone to be taken lightly.

  • demonhauntedworld

    @slc1 – Whoops, my bad. I was thinking of the IHP.

  • Well, the GOP now have their sensible, mature, old-guard, elder-statesman frontrunner. I can pretty much guarantee that King will be able to use his House tenure, along with his tough-on-Muslims credentials, to cast himself as the “serious” and “established” candidate (barring an entry by Mike Hucksterbee, of course), who will unite the pro-business wing with the loony-right wing by using “experience” to cover for his party’s institutional stupidity and insanity.

  • magistramarla

    Also remember that Ricky Perry seems to be poised to make another (whoops) run.

    I read in the local paper yesterday that we, the taxpayers of Texas, have paid over $2.6 million for his security detail alone. Now he’s announced that he will be paying a visit to Israel soon.

    We can’t get rid of this guy soon enough!

    I’m backing Wendy Davis. I certainly hope that she decides to run for governor.

  • @demonhauntedworld #6 – Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan are too far to the left for the modern GOP.

    You think I’m kidding, don’t you.

  • John Pieret

    Darn! At first I thought you said Rep. Steve King. Peter King will make the primaries loud and ugly and combatative but Steve would have brought a an other-worldly lunacy even beyond the capabilities of Michelle Bachmann.

  • Doug Little

    Is it possible to cut the breaks on this particular clown car?

    No need, they haven’t performed any maintenance on the car for quite some time and what little brakes they had have been used up long ago. Wave politely as they careen off the electoral cliff pumping the pedal at a feverish pace with expressions of disbelief on their faces.

  • Imagine if both Kings decided to run. The sheer confusion of just about everyone involved would be amusing.

  • imthegenieicandoanything

    The car they use is truly amazing in its tininess (it’s designed to imitate the size of the Republican “mind,” after all), and yet there will be room for literally EVERY viable candidate choosing to run, given that one enters such cars based on their moral and intellectual stature.

    This means a potentially INFINITE number of Steve Kings or Allen Wests (and an infinite INFINITE number of Louis Gohmerts!) can hop in, and still have room for their families, dogs, and mistresses!)

    I doubt any nation has been infested by such a filthy, stupid, insane and evil group of politicians, ever. And I wish I was joking.

  • Both of the KKKlown KKKings running in the same primaries might also have the unintended consequence of their “political consultants” sending damaging information about either of them to the wrong address–and no one being able to tell the difference.

  • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    Problem with political jokes – and political clowns -is that scarily often they end up getting elected.

  • Doug Little

    and still have room for their families, dogs, and mistresses!

    Well to be fair the dogs get to ride on the roof.

  • Skip White

    “It bothers me when the leading Republicans out there, someone like Rand Paul, seems more concerned about an American being killed in Starbucks by a CIA drone than he is about Islamic terrorism,”

    So Peter King doesn’t care if CIA drones kill Americans in Starbucks?

  • Nick Gotts

    Imagine if both Kings decided to run.

    I thought you guys had a revolution to get rid of Kings. What went wrong?