Steve King’s Crude Racial Stereotyping

Rep. Steve King has an image in his head of what undocumented immigrants are like. They are all a crude stereotype — a Mexican who runs drugs across the border. To him, that’s what nearly all of the approximately 11 million are like to him, by a 100-1 ratio:


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  • Who Knows?

    Undermining our culture and civilization…


  • eric

    There’s some serious innumeracy here. 11 million is the (estimated) total population; IIRC the annual border flux is more like 1 million or less. If 10,900,000 of the current illegal population are border drug runners, yet only 1 million actually cross the borde in any given year, what does he think the other 9,900,000 border drug runners are doing? Taking a bye year?

  • chisaihana5219

    I don’t know of anyone who is advocating for citizenship for “evil” people. Who is he talking about? Everyone I have talked to, read about, etc. is advocating for a path to citizenship for “good” people and imprisonment or deportation for “evil” people. Besides which, no one walks across the desert carrying bags of drugs, they drive them across in trucks!

  • Look, people, it’s just simple math.

    We can’t give American citizenship to evil foreigners, because evil Americans have already taken the allotment of citizenships for evil people. Steve King took two.

  • eric

    no one walks across the desert carrying bags of drugs, they drive them across in trucks!

    In a lot of cases, they just make them here.

    Modus – is that the H-666B visa I keep hearing about?

  • That’s fucking stupid even by crude stereotype standards. The crude stereotype in my mind is of uneducated poorly-dressed people either doing, or hanging around waiting to do, whatever low-skill work anyone sees fit to give them. That’s nowhere near a complete picture of undocumented Latino immigrants in the US, of course, but at least it’s based on what I’ve actually seen with my own eyes and read about in the news. How many Mexicans has this King guy actually seen running drugs across the border? (And if he’s seen them, why weren’t they caught? Wait, lemme guess…they’re all Speedy Gonzalez?)

  • felidae

    Until Angus King of Maine was elected, it was safe to say that any Congresscritter named King was an idiot

  • =8)-DX

    Did I just hear him say the problem is with muscly mexicans hauling marihuana. Is that a thing?? Or what type of homegrown pot has that dude been smoking?

  • khms

    So all those illegals are Mexican drug runners?

    You mean like every republican is in the pay of the Koch brothers?