Alabama Agency Prays About Abortion, Gay Marriage

The Alabama Public Service Commission deals with things like electricity rates. So naturally, they opened up a recent meeting by introducing a minister and Promise Keepers member to deliver a prayer about taking God out of schools, abortion and gay marriage.


I can’t imagine why think this is appropriate at all, other than that they always think it’s appropriate to force others to sit through their proselytizing.

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  • Aliasalpha

    Think it through, if god is forced out of schools, married gay couples will have heaps of abortions which will use a lot of power thus driving electricity rates up!

  • Chiroptera

    Well, with our modern busy schedules, you gotta fit the Five Minutes Hate in where ever you can.

  • grumpyoldfart

    They don’t really care about the issues. They are just trying to guarantee their place in heaven.

    “Look at me Jesus. See how much I love you…”

  • matty1

    If only Jesus had said something about those who “love to pray … to be seen by others” and “think they will be heard because of their many words”.

  • Gregory in Seattle

    Because God (specifically, the one that this person worships) should remain fully entrenched in schools, abortion and gay marriage.

  • ShowMetheData

    Unconstitutional Pastor in vtdeo says, “Jesus lives in the water”

    PZ’s gonna come down hard on this aquatic ape theory

  • kantalope

    If jesus is in the water, adding Fluoride (POISON) would kill jesus. Think about your precious bodily fluids first people!

  • exdrone

    The most disappointing quote is the chair saying, “As is customary” prior to introducing the person leading the prayer.


    So now that they had a show of hands for those who believe god answers prayer, is the pastor going to return in a few months after there is no change on school prayer, abortion and same-sex marriage so he can ask, “How’s that prayer answering goin’ for ya?”

  • Red-Green in Blue

    Chair of the APSC said:

    Most of the time, the person saying the prayer is from the church or a friend of one of the commissioners…

    Translated into Secular:

    Here’s some cronyism to go with your unconstitutional prayer!

  • democommie

    Is there already a T-shirt out there with “Matthew 6:5” printed on it? If not, what a great fundraiser AND a way to flummox the KKKristianist dickheads who don’t actually READ their Big Book Of Fakeshit.