Beck is Out of His Manic Phase

I really am starting to think that Glenn Beck is bipolar. A few weeks ago, he was acting all depressed, saying it’s too late to save the country. Then he went to Washington, DC, claimed to have seen God and got all energized and happy again. Now he’s back to being depressed about America having “gone insane.” And if anyone should know…


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  • Chiroptera

    Hey, what ever happened with that “man in the moon” thing? I seem to have completely missed it.

  • So the god fix doesn’t last very long. Or the secular world overwhelms the divine. But then, what can you expect of a god that lives on the planet Kolob, as Beck believes. He is a Mormon, right?

  • frankb

    Beck: “Forget about politics!”

    No, Beck. You can’t subject us to a political message and claim it isn’t about politics. Besides, Jesus and Christianity is all about individual salvation. So save yourself and spare me your bigotry.

  • Don Williams

    I think it is hilarious that liberals are mocking Glenn Beck for being depressed and thinking it is too late to save the country. Maybe he is right but for the wrong reasons:

    And look at real median income across working age groups:

  • carolw

    Chiroptera @1: I was wondering the same thing. The moon didn’t do anything special here on July 4th.

  • Robert B.

    I have no use for Glenn Beck or other wacky demagogues, but if Beck is suffering from bipolar illness I hope he gets all the treatment he needs and I wish him the best with it.

    Also, when you think someone is actually sick, jokes like “if anyone should know…” suddenly get a lot less funny. I’m okay with using “crazy” and “insane” as a metaphor for spectacularly bad ideas and the people who have them, for purposes of humor or rhetoric. But in the case of a real illness, it’s not a metaphor any more, you’re just making fun of the mentally ill.

  • grumpyoldfart

    In order to retain control of the group you’ve got to keep them on the back foot at all times. Calm them down with stories of heaven – and just when you’ve got them nicely settled down; that’s when you hit them with hellfire and damnation. Eventually they realise they are too dumb to work things out on their own and they willingly hand over all decision making to the guru.

    Spouse abusers use exactly the same technique.

  • Robert B. @ 6:

    I agree that people with mental illness should receive treatment, especially Glenn Beck, but his moods do affect a few million people in extremely negative ways. The sooner he is recognized as a nut job, whacko, loony tunes mental case hell bent on making a fortune by instilling fear and hate, the sooner he will be escorted out of the broadcast booth and into the appropriate hospital ward.

  • raven

    I really am starting to think that Glenn Beck is bipolar.

    Or a good actor.

    He is bipolar all right, selling fear and hate and switching between the two. Big market for fear and hate.

  • slc1

    Re Don Williams @ #4

    Ah, ole Don in his Bolshevik phase. Notice the comments on the bigstory article linked to. Hardly any of the commenters there blame the 1% for our economic difficulties like ole Don does.

  • Re Don Williams @4:

    In your first link AP cites a survey that is “exclusive to AP” without qualifications, which renders it meaningless in my opinion.

    In your second link, the graph indicates that 15-24 year olds were making +$30,000 per year in the 1960’s.

    I doubt that very much. Where is that data from? Where is the graph from?

  • exdrone

    Don Williams @4:

    I think it is hilarious that liberals are mocking Glenn Beck for being depressed and thinking it is too late to save the country. Maybe he is right but for the wrong reasons

    If someone prays for the sun to rise tomorrow, they are going to be right for the wrong reason. So what? It ain’t gonna stop me mocking them.

  • dingojack

    Donnikens still hasn’t grasped the meaning of the phrase ‘head of household’ I notice.


  • I had a friend call me out on this post and they and Robert B. have a point, I think. I really do think Glenn Beck has mental issues and needs to get help. I think he’d be better off and so would the rest of us. And I have long struggled with how to use language of this type. Is it ever acceptable to dismiss a person or an idea as “crazy” or “insane”? I use it all the time. But does this diminish and marginalize those who struggle with mental illness? I’d like to hear the views of others on this. I’m also going to speak to some friends who should provide some real insight on it. I may need to find a different shorthand for this, which may not be easy.

  • “I really am starting to think that Glenn Beck is bipolar.”

    And at both poles he’s an asshole.

    Whether Beck is mentally ill or not might be debated; there’s not any doubt that he’s a fucking prick. I would like it if he all of a sudden got cured or dead. I’m not really all that particular which of those things happens as long as he SHUTS THE FUCK UP.

  • raven

    I had a friend call me out on this post and they and Robert B. have a point, I think. I really do think Glenn Beck has mental issues and needs to get help.

    Being mentally ill and being a far right wing extremist conperson are two entirely separate things.

    1. Don’t worry about his possible mental illness. That is between Beck, his doctors, and his close affiliates (assuming he has any and he probably does, i.e. friends and family). Just ignore it as irrelevant and none of your business.

    2. He is a voluntary public figure. Fair game to criticize his words and actions. We are allowed and IMO, ethically required to oppose him and his viewpoints.

    Mentall illness is a medical condition but it isn’t a get away with everything free card.

    PS Don’t feel too sorry for Glenn Beck. He is worth ca. $100 million. He makes more in a year than the vast majority will make in their lives. Money might not buy everything, but it buys a whole lot.

  • Don Williams

    SLC at 10:

    The person the AP Reporter quoted is from Buchanan County, Virginia –in coal mining Appalachia. That is where I grew up. Which is why I hate and despise urban metromales who give lip service to fair treatment of Americans — and then support Democratic leaders who stab the American People in the back. People who are just as big of sellouts as Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck but who only get crumbs. Cheap whores versus expensive call girls.

  • Don Williams

    Re Reverend Rodney at 8:

    The data is from Table H-10 (all races) of the US Census Bureau. You are probably confused because the household income is in REAL (inflation adjusted) 2011 dollars instead of 1967 dollars.

  • slc1

    Re Don Williams @ #17

    What does that have to do with the fact that the commenters are all dupes of the 1%? They remind me of the Koch brother’s shills who always pollute Phil Plait’s blog every time he posts something on climate change.

  • slc1

    Re Don Williams @ #17

    I am afraid that things are going to get a lot worse for the coal miners in Virginia and elsewhere as natural gas replaces coal for electricity production.

    By the way, the folks in Buchanan County and similar regions are the folks who put Koo Koo Ken Cuccinelli and fuckface Bob McDonnell in office. They didn’t do well in Northern Virginia.

  • jnorris

    I figure a few weeks ago the collection was down. Then, while in Washington, the money poured in. Now, at the end of the month, the usual suckers are tapped and waiting for their pension checks.

  • Don Williams

    Slc at 19:

    1) I only referenced the AP article — I ignored the commenters there. Right wing shills are as common as STDs– but I doubt they really speak for the majority of rural white Americans. Every small town has its shill who makes a living kissing the butts of the local elites .

    2) I don’t think the Kochs and the Republicans as they exist could survive six months if they had a real opposition. But I look around and see the “liberals” who leap to kiss the Clintons’ butt. In spite of Bill repealing FDR’s Glass Steagall act and triggering this depression. And who can forget that great promise of Bill’s in 2000 when he railroaded the trade agreement with China through Congress:

    “For the first time, our companies will be able to sell and distribute products in China made by workers here in America, without being forced to relocate manufacturing to China, sell through the Chinese government or transfer valuable technology — for the first time. We’ll be able to export products without exporting jobs.

    Meanwhile, we’ll get valuable new safeguards against any surges of imports from China. We’re already preparing for the largest enforcement effort ever given for a trade agreement.”

    How’s that working out for everyone?

    The US Government has borrowed $11 Trillion in the past 12 years and thrown it into the economy — so what is the current unemployment rate? What happens when China cuts off the spigot?

  • I wonder if Beck’s moods rise and fall with the price of gold. Could be interesting to see if there is any correlation.

  • sezme

    Ed @14, you’re getting way ahead of yourself here. Neither you nor I nor any other keyboard artists here are qualified to make any assessment whatsoever of Beck’s mental health. However, we do know he has a large number of support staff who work with him on a daily basis. He also has family and friends around him. Yet as far as I know, nobody has raised a serious, substantiated concern regarding his mental health. There aren’t even rumors of psychiatric (meaning legitimate) drug use, current alcoholism, or any other manifestation of a mental health issue.

    Thus, I think it is fair to take as the null hypothesis that he’s is not mentally ill. Until that hypothesis is rejected, I think calling him out in an explicit, no-holds-barred manner is fair game. In fact, it is demeaning to him to blithely just take his views as signs of mental illness. Would it be ok for Beck to simply write you off because he thinks your views are signs of mental illness?

    No. So my vote is to give absolutely no quarter until there is good reason (read: good, solid evidence) that he has a mental health issue. After all, isn’t that a central tenet of skepticism?

  • My comment had nothing to do with giving any quarter or backing off criticizing Glenn Beck. It was about how to use language without marginalizing those who struggle with mental illness.

  • oranje

    For what it’s worth, Ed: I’m medicated for a couple of mental issues myself, and my wife is bipolar. At no point did I think you were mocking either of us. In the context you provided it was clear where you were going.

    On the other hand, I get a whole lot more touchy about suicide jokes, so your mileage may vary.

  • lanir

    Was it me or was anyone else just waiting for Glenn to start talking about climate change with all the language he was using? It kind of felt like he’d copied the usual talking points and just repurposed them.

    About the “crazy” language… Yeah it’s kind of difficult. I’m sure we’re not the first people to deal with this. I’ve known and been friends with a number of people who were either mentally challenged or helped look after family and friends who were. I don’t recall anyone ever suggesting a good replacement word off the top of my head. The best replacement I can think of at the moment would be to talk about him spouting nonsense. That’s the thing I dislike about him personally. I’m sure he has personal challenges and difficulties just like anyone else and I don’t think any of us need to criticize someone for dealing with personal issues as personal issues. But whatever problems he may or may not have, he’s also a bit of an ass who spouts convenient nonsense for cash and at least superficially appears willing to screw up the whole country as long as it helps his bottom line. THAT is where my issue (and I suspect just about anyone else who dislikes him) with him comes from.

  • Having a bad temper, short penis, little hair (and not the faintest possibility of looking good, bald), dentues, a pot gut, skinny calves, deformed feet and a myriad other defects I tend to not take offense at a lot of things that others might find humorous. Otoh, I have zero sympathy for assholes, even those who are mentally ill, who refuse to admit that they either have problems or that they have responsibility for doing what they can to stop being assholes.

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