Another Psychic Fail on Royal Baby

In case you needed another reminder that “psychics” are total bollocks, take a look at this press release sent out by Psychic Source, which bills itself as “the nation’s oldest and most respected psychic service,” on July 11. By a nearly 2-1 margin, their “psychics” predicted that the royal baby would be a girl.

If you haven’t placed your bet on the gender of Kate and William’s first royal offspring yet, consider this: On July 9th, 62% of the 50 psychics surveyed at Psychic Source, the most respected psychic service provider, predicted that the royal couple will be welcoming a female heir.

Representing the majority of psychics surveyed, Psychic Ricky stated matter-of-factly: “It will be a girl. At least one of her names will be Diana.”

Apparently their “experts” in “astrology, horoscopes, numerology, tarot cards, clairvoyant readings, and many other psychic disciplines” can’t even match the accuracy of old-fashioned coin flipping. I could have predicted that.

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  • matty1

    Most respected, who respects them?

  • imrryr

    “It will be a girl. At least one of her names will be Diana.”

    I feel extra embarrassed. I was predicting it would be a girl and that all of her names would be Diana.

  • cswella

    Open a psychic shop and predict the opposite of everything they predict. Good way to make money as long as you don’t take jobs where your predictions will potentially cause harm. Though I guess the act of opening a shop will lead to harm anyway. There goes another moneymaking scheme, damn my ethics.

  • exdrone

    It’s becoming clearer. I’m seeing the letters “B” and “S”.

  • Fortunately, “most respected” involves getting graded on the curve. For example, I’m sure that “Psychic Ricky” has a mum who respects him oodles.

  • Curt Cameron

    I’m sure the 38% who predicted a boy are using it as evidence of their awesome psychic powers.

  • howardhershey

    Not that it matters, because their answer is in the wrong direction, but with 50 respondents, 31 girl and 19 boy generates a chi square value of 2.88 with 1 degree of freedom from the expected 25 of each sex that pure chance would provide. That is statistically significant at the 0.1 probability level but not the 0.05 level.

  • machintelligence

    That is statistically significant at the 0.1 probability level but not the 0.05 level.

    So they are not even reliably wrong.

  • Extra! Extra! Skeptic admits 1/3 of psychics are real!

  • Modus: real whats??

  • John Phillips, FCD

    richardelguru, now that is the question : )

  • busterggi

    The Brit-spawn does have an X chromosome, I’m sure they will claim to be minimally half correct.

  • eric

    It is interesting that the psychics themselves were not split more like 50/50. In addition to @7s point that it could just be random luck, I can think of three reasons why so many of them would vote for the same result on what is essentially a coin flip:

    1. Since they were all from the same company, some company leader might have said something that influenced the workers (i.e, there is some ulterior corporate motive for saying girl).

    2. They knew that girls are very slightly favored, but some of them over-weighted this fact.

    3. A bunch of them thought one of the other workers had inside information, and were guessing based on that.

  • I predicted that another toothless, drooling, and bald addition to House of Windsor would result in ridiculous fawning by the American media. Does that make me psychic?

  • I’m surprised they didn’t predict her name would be Madison, or Kelsey, or some other probably not popular with upper class UK parents name.

  • eigenperson

    #13 eric:

    I think the explanation is none of those. I think they just would rather have a princess than a prince, and were engaging in some wishful thinking.

  • d.c.wilson “I predicted that another toothless, drooling, and bald addition to House of Windsor would result in ridiculous fawning by the American media.”

    Now you’re just being ridiculous. I’m not even a royal!

  • sezme

    @eric (13)

    4. Most psychics are female and just identified with their own gender.

  • martinc

    The explanation for the skew could be that some of them genuinely believe some of the others are psychic, and were desperately riding their coat-tails.

    Or they could just be taking it easy on themselves: there must be a bit of a herd mentality at a psychic’s gathering … let’s face it, if you have to bullshit: “I psychically feel it’s a girl” or bullshit: “I psychically feel it’s a boy, and Psychics Ricky, Shontelle, Vera and Mysteria are all wrong” … well, given it’s a complete crapshoot anyway, you might as well choose the bullshit that makes it easier to come in to work the next day.

  • dingojack

    Further to the comment by howardhershey (#7):

    So given there are 50 ‘psychics’ and 62% ‘predicted’ a girl, then:


    boy: 25

    girl: 25


    boy: 19

    girl: 31

    Then the χ² = 2.88 or 8.968604% likelyhood by chance.

    This clearly proves that ‘psychics’ are significantly likely to predict future events incorrectly.

    What a ringing endorsement!


  • lordshipmayhem

    I had to take a screen capture of this. While I’m reading the article, the ads are enticing me to ask a psychic for a reading.

    Ironic, that.

  • greg1466

    Seems to me to be very telling even if you ignore the actual birth. The mere fact that they didn’t all agree suggests that either psychic powers exist, but at least 1/3 of them are lying or psychic powers don’t exist and they are all lying.