Cruz: On His Knees to Stop Gay Marriage

Sen. Ted Cruz made quite an impression on that big group of evangelical Christian pastors he met with in Iowa recently on the first stop of his “I’m not running for president, wink wink” tour. He encouraged those pastors to mobilize their congregations to get on their knees to prevent gay marriage from becoming a reality:

“On marriage there is no issue in which we need to be more on our knees because the momentum is with the opponents of traditional marriage,” Cruz said. “We’re facing an assault on marriage.”

He scolded “unelected judges” who think “we know better” on marriage, and urged pastors to “to speak to your congregations and to mobilize the people, and mobilize them more than anything to pray.”


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  • daved

    This guy really does scare me. He could be the next Huey Long.

    The railing against “unelected judges” is boilerplate, but I wonder what he rails against in the case of elected legislatures who pass bills allowing same-sex marriages?

  • Mr Ed

    Cruz is against gays, health care and immigrants which is fine and dandy but if you want to be president you have to be for something. Sniping is easy leading might be more risky

  • John Pieret

    On marriage there is no issue in which we need to be more on our knees because the momentum is with the opponents of traditional marriage.

    Quite beyond the obvious joke, didn’t anyone there think it strange to suggest that they be on their knees before the “opponents of traditional marriage”?

  • daved

    I wish I agreed with you, Mr Ed, but the whole Teabagger thing these days is just based on reflexive opposition to whatever Obama wants, and those clowns keep getting elected.

    It’s hard to say what Romney was for, and he got the nomination. He might even have won had he been more likeable and run a competent campaign.

  • Joey Maloney

    Cruz: On His Knees to Stop Gay Marriage

    UR DOIN IT RONG. Still, he does have a very pretty mouth.

  • Oh, yeah, there’s no other issue that could possibly be more important to pray about than stopping people who love each other from marrying because they happen to be the same gender. Disease? Famine? War? Child abuse? Petty issues all before the evil of t3h gay.

  • dingojack

    On marriage there is no issue in which we need to be more on our knees because the momentum is with the opponents of traditional marriage“.

    And while you’re down there Teddy ….

    [Sorry – it’s so irresistible. And it shows the Wingnuts’ predilection for the Freudian Landslide (never mind a mere ‘slip’.]


  • Laser focused on the economy.

  • exdrone

    Hopefully, he can convince his audience that prayful intervention is the only response and that, for the next presidential election, they should attend prayer rallies instead of voting. They need to embrace the notion that voting shows lack of faith.

  • slc1

    Re daved @ #1

    Or states that pass same sex marriage by popular referendum.

  • Alverant

    So he wants to replace the legal rulings of “unelected” judges with the rumored proclamations of an unelected god and an unelected church. Makes total sense. [snark]

  • Doug Little

    At what point so these fucktards just give up? If they can’t see that the writing is well and truely on the wall then they are living in an alternate universe.

  • whheydt

    Odd…wasn’t it just last year that these guys were bragging about how they’d never lost at the ballot box when SSM was on the ballot?

    But then, every time they start in on “defending traditional marriage”, I want to cite so *real* traditional marriage types that would probably shock them into speechlessness. And, of course, if they think ‘marriage is forever’, why aren’t they lobbying to eliminate divorce?

  • matty1

    Don’t you see they have to kneel down to make it easier for things to pass over their heads.

  • cptdoom

    Hey, I’m totally in favor of wingnuts like Cruz telling their supporters to pray to stop marriage equality, because we all know how effective that action will be. Pray away wingnuts, pray all you want. It’s the other actions Cruz and other Teabaggers might encourage their followers to take that worry the f*ck out of me. Losing graciously does not seem to be in their DNA, and I am very concerned about violent backlash when the judicial and legislative avenues close to them.

  • Azkyroth Drinked the Grammar Too :)

    He encouraged those pastors to mobilize their congregations to get on their knees to prevent gay marriage from becoming a reality:

    So now they’re trying to break up committed couples by tempting them? I don’t think it’s going to work, but that’s really shitty. >.>

  • raven

    At what point so these fucktards just give up?

    They never give up old hates. They just keep adding new ones. What changes is which one is on top of the list at any given time.

    1. It’s been 4 or 5 centuries since Galileo and Giordano Bruno. 20% of the US population still thinks the sun orbits the earth. I suppose they must think astronomers are minions of satan.

    2. I’ve spent a little time on xian sites recently, researching a few questions for fun.

    There is still a lot of animosity between the Eastern Orthodox, Catholics, and Protestants.

    It’s been 900 years since the Easterns and Catholics split and 500 since the Reformation.

    3. Which isn’t surprising. Antisemitism started with the New Testament. It’s been 2,000 years and it still exists.

  • Ask supporters of a woman’s right to choose when these wingnuts give up.

  • True American Teabaggers, squat, not kneel, to prevent gay marriage from becoming a reality.

  • Abby Normal

    If I get down on my knees and start pleasing Jesus it’s more likely to increase the number of gay marriages.

  • dingojack

    Abby – It wouldn’t help, that’s not the way Jesus swings. Matthew 19:14*



    * Didn’t Jesus say this to Peter? And what with the paedophilia of his church’s officials and all. …

  • Thumper; Atheist mate

    I was already chuckling at the “on your knees” gag… when I saw Cruz actually said it, I lost it completely. My colleagues are giving me some very strange looks 🙂

  • iangould

    Cruz is pulling in hundreds of thousands or more a year from speaking fees, book fees and campaign contributions. He’ll make even more as a lobbyist or company director when he eventually quits.

    He’s got essentially unlimited scope to hire his immediate family for staff jobs.

    He’s got thousands of rabid fans treating him like the Second Coming.

    Assuming he isn’t too discriminating he probably has as much groupie pussy (or cock) as he wants.

    How is that not winning?

    If all the illegal immigrants “self-deported”, the Federal budget was balanced and constitutional amendments were passed banning abortion and ay marriage, that’d be a disaster.

    Decisive victory is just as fatal to a political movement as defeat – see abolitionism and women’s suffrage.