Paul: Disaster Victims Robbing Pentagon of Funds

Rand Paul is working hard to court the Republican party’s most inane members, pandering just as fast as he can. But when he says things like this, there simply aren’t enough faces or palms. At a fundraising dinner in Tennessee, he said that the victims of natural disasters are bankrupting the country and robbing the Pentagon of funding.

Senator Paul also responded to criticism from fellow Republicans regarding comments that his stance on national security does more harm than good.

He said, “The people who want to criticize me and call me names, they are precisely the same people who are unwilling to cut the spending. And they are ‘Gimme, gimme, gimme all my Sandy money now.’ Those are the people who are bankrupting the government and not allowing enough money be left over for national defense.”

Right, senator. It’s the victims of natural disasters who are bankrupting the country and not leaving enough for our $700+ billion defense budget (not including the cost of ongoing wars, by the way, most of which is off-budget). One can almost picture people made homeless by Hurricane Sandy telling their children, “Clean your plate, Jimmy, there are starving defense contractors in Washington who aren’t as fortunate as us.” Won’t someone think of the oligarchs?

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  • lynxreign

    Speaking of Conservative “morality”…

  • Fuck.Rand.Paul. Nuff said.

  • Chiroptera

    Huh. Some of us think that if this country isn’t willing to provide necessary assistance to this in need, then it really isn’t worth defending to begin with.

    “New England, the West Coast, Illinois, we need to figure out how to win in those states,” Paul stated, “and until we get more inclusive, until we get more African American votes, more Latino votes, more women’s votes, more youth’s votes, we have to do all of that.”

    Yeah, and how is that “States’ rights” stance working out for you in this regard?

  • What a disgusting small-minded piece of filth. The fact that he got elected to any office at all is an embarrassment to the USA — or at least to Kentucky. This hateful little twerp gives overgrown spoiled children a bad name.

    The putrid fruit really doesn’t fall far from the diseased tree. This is the same Republitarian coalition that had no problem buying Florida’s electoral vote with hurricane relief, then preached about “moral hazard” while letting New Orleans drown.

    Wait, lemme guess — this is “libertarian populism,” right?

  • Hey these bullets don’t come cheap you know. Bullets don’t grow on trees!

  • keithb

    You are missing the big picture here, Ed. This was a swipe at Christie, since both are jockeying for 2016.

  • I’m sure he’ll be first in line to not accept any money for Kentucky the next time a tornado roams through his state.

  • raven

    This is Rand Paul being bigoted towards New York City and New Jersey.

    Because they aren’t the South. And because the North won the civil war and took their slaves away. They never let old hates die, just keep adding new ones.

    Of course, the south central USA gets hit more often than other places by natural disasters, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. New Orleans, the force 5 tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri and Oklahoma city, and on and on. Romney would call them moochers.

  • Mr Ed

    After Sandy I was driving around town making sure that my neighbors were alright. Next door to one of my stops was a house with a tree on the roof. Out front was the owner and it was obvious she was very upset. I identified myself as an emergency volunteer and asked if it was OK if evaluated the damage and filed a report with the fire department. At first she was resistant saying it cost too much. I told her I was a volunteer and so were the fireman so it was free but she insisted that even if we didn’t charge someone would have to pay. After a bit more discussion she finally told me the real reason she didn’t want any help, she was afraid that the cost of making her house livable would come out of the budget for a bomber the Air Force didn’t want.

    Having seen a few minor disaster I have to wonder at the lack of empathy of someone who would put bullets ahead of neighbors. At best this marks Paul as a sociopath.

  • raven

    Natural disasters will keep happening. This is part of living on a planet.

    It’s estimated that adapting to climate change, global warming, and sea level rises will cost the USA $1/2 trillion to $1 trillion.

    Spending that trillion USD is mandatory. You either pay it before the disasters or pay it after the disasters.

    The most vulnerable areas are Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, and the gulf coast, especially Louisiana. These areas are low lying, already sinking due to geology, and in hurricane country. It is estimated that the coastal 10% of Louisiana will be underwater by 2100.

    They are also Rand Paul country. If he and their voters want to throw themselves under the bus, it will happen. That is what democracy is for.

  • yoav

    Raven, at least NC solved the problem by passing a law reducing the rate of sea level rise, problem solved.

    What baby Paul is hoping that either enough people on the NY coast will become so poor they can be disenfranchised by voter ID laws, or even better, starve to death increasing the influence of the upstate and inland population and allowing rethuglicans to win NY.

  • raven

    Raven, at least NC solved the problem by passing a law reducing the rate of sea level rise, problem solved.

    Yeah, we all saw that.

    Driven by real estate interests.

    What they want to do is build a lot of beach front buildings, sell them, take the money, and run. Then when they disappear in a hurricane mediated storm surge a few decades down the road, well, natural disasters happen.

    IIRC, North Carolina has already been trhough this once. A series of hurricanes erased much of the coast in the 1950’s.

  • iknklast

    What about the estimated $71 billion that we lose from churches having non-profit status? If we reduced the non-profit status down to where they only counted the charitable portion of their work, we’d get most of that money into the government coffers.

  • eric

    Its almost like these liberals think providing for the general Welfare is in the Constitution right next to providing for the common Defense. That’s crazy talk!

  • whirligig

    All of these stupid natural disasters are eating into our budget for creating man made disasters!

  • raven: Paul Jr. represents Kentucky, which has higher ground and mountains to protect them from most (if not all) of the disasters that hit those other Southern states. (Such terrain also protects them from social change and new ideas.) That’s what allows Paul Jr. to get away with being such an uncaring little baby.

  • caseloweraz

    Yes, America’s defense spending has “plummeted” from 41 to 39 percent of the world total. The horror!

    Then there’s the DHS with its $46.9 billion FY2012 budget. (True, that includes FEMA and several other agencies charged with responding to natural disasters.) Under “Audit of expenditures,” Wikipedia notes:

    The DHS independent auditor is KPMG, one of the Big Four audit firms. Due to the level of material weaknesses identified, KPMG were unable to audit the DHS financial statements for FY 2010. KPMG were unable to express an audit opinion on the FY 2009, FY 2008, FY 2007, FY 2005, and FY 2003 financial statements. Attempts to access the reports for FY 2006 and FY 2004 within the ‘information for citizens’ portal met with a 404 error.

    It just might be that a better use of Rand Paul’s time would be to introduce laws cracking down on this laxity.

  • jnorris

    Senator Paul, I have NEVER known the Pentagon to be short of cash. If they are in a pinch perhaps they could cut back on marching bands and parades. If that doesn’t work then I suggest you organize bake sales in the Senate to help feed starving generals.

  • royandale

    Yeah, sorry about sending this guy to the Senate, folks. A LOT of us tried to make it come out another way, but it didn’t work.

    Now remember, he’s a big fan of term limits so I think it’s fair to conclude that he will limit himself, too. You know, cause it would just make sense, right?

    Right, Senator?


  • exdrone

    His message is more palatable when he delivers it accompanied by the Rand Paul dancers.

  • Greg

    Ed: I could be mistaken, but I thought sometime around 2009 or 2010 the funding for Afghanistan and Iraq were included in the budget.

    The military should get rid of traditional things, like bands, honor guards, chaplains, and commissaries and exchanges. The only place that chaplains and commissaries should remain are at training bases and extremely remote locations.

  • freehand

    whirligig All of these stupid natural disasters are eating into our budget for creating man made disasters!


    whirligig, more and more those natural disasters (droughts, wildfires, floods) will be more man-made than natural. Win-win!