What Alaskans Think of a Palin Presidential Campaign

Public Policy Polling did a recent poll in Alaska to see how Hillary Clinton would do in that state against a slate of Republican candidates. According to that poll, she would lose to every potential candidate except one: Their favorite daughter and renowned quitter Sarah Palin:

PPP’s newest Alaska poll finds that Hillary Clinton would have a chance at winning the state in 2016…but only if Sarah Palin was the Republican candidate for President. Clinton would lead Palin 49/40 in a hypothetical match up. Only 18% of Alaskans think Palin should run in 2016 to 77% who think she shouldn’t, and even among Republican voters 72% think she should sit out the race.

Clinton trails the other Republicans we tested, although she would make the state closer than it’s been in a while. Chris Christie leads her by 8 points at 46/38, Jeb Bush leads her by 7 at 49/42, Rand Paul is up 6 at 49/43, Marco Rubio has a 3 point advantage at 45/42, and Paul Ryan leads by a single point at 47/46.

Maybe they figure she’ll quite halfway through her first term if she thinks she can earn more money from a reality show instead.

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  • “What Alaskans Think of a Palin Presidential Campaign ”

    I gather the pollsters took uncontrollable laughter as a “NO.” for Ms. Wasillabilly’s possibilities.

  • tbp1

    Wow, that’s gotta hurt.

  • busterggi

    Chris Christie, Jeb (another) Bush, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Paul (I’m the real Pope) Ryan…..

    Can hardly wait for these debates.

  • unnullifier

    Damn straight. Palin’s biggest contribution to Alaskan politics is to make it look like a complete joke, cementing that image in non-Alaskan’s minds. Seriously, whenever I mention Alaskan politics to non-Alaskan friends the only thing they can think of is Palin. Followed by jokes about how our politicians are quitters.

    That said, I’m not all that enthused by the current state of Alaskan politics, but Palin has made it into a caricature to the rest of the world. So, thanks for that, Governor Sarah “Quitter” Palin.

  • arakasi

    I know that it is far too early to make any predictions, but the 2012 elections had Alaska at 38/61. Right now, the entire Republican field appears to be underperforming.

  • JustaTech

    @Unnullifier: If we’re honest, Senator Ted “Internet is a series of Tubes” Stevens didn’t help the reputation of Alaskan politicians with the rest of the 48. (Which is not to say that we haven’t got our share of embarrassing legistlators down here too.)

  • iangould

    And 2% of respondents picked George Zimmerman.

  • unnullifier

    @6. JustaTech: While “Uncle Ted” certainly made Alaska politics look like a goofy porkbarrel-fest to the rest of the nation, Alaskans mostly remember him for the enormous amount of federal money he was able to pull down to Alaska decade after decade. So his goofiness is forgiven and his porkbarrel politics (mostly) praised locally. Palin on the other hand …

  • Dennis N

    They’re crazy, but they’re not that crazy.

  • colnago80

    Re iangould @#7

    Zimmerman is far short of 35 so he wouldn’t be eligible.