Beck: Obama Sowing Seeds for Race War

As I’ve noted before, the far right’s now-constant predictions of an impending war between the citizens and the government have their roots in white supremacy. Glenn Beck ditches the euphemisms and goes right for it, claiming that Obama is sowing the seeds of the coming race war. This is standard KKK and Aryan Nation rhetoric.


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  • whirligig

    G. Beck’s going to be on the white side, isn’t he? Can I switch to some other, more Beckless team? Is switching allowed?

  • reasonbe

    oh that glen beck, he’s a real master baiter.

  • otrame


    Yeah, those of us who have a serious melanin deficiency but who prefer Becklessness can join the other side. After all, the other side consists of “decent human beings” and as such, melanin content in skin is not considered to be of particular importance.

  • left0ver1under

    The title could easily be rewritten thus:

    Obama: Beck Sowing Seeds for Race War”

  • Modusoperandi

    What an odd rendition of the Turner Diaries. Where’s the Wagner score? And there’s no way Leni Riefenstahl did the camera blocking.

    I mean, with the money Beck’s making off scaring old white people, you’d think he’d put a little more back in for production values.

  • Ace of Sevens

    Who are the white race leaders? I want to make sure I’m on a team that’s going to have decent management. If it’s Glenn Beck, I’m fighting for the blacks.

  • Dr X

    His anatomy of a racist is actually a description of a typical social conservative.

  • raven

    Has Beck ever found a conspiracy theory or right wing talking point, he didn’t like?

    It is looking like he just throws everything against a wall and hopes some of it sticks.

    And why not? It’s netted him $100 million so far.

    PS I just checked in on my one personally known Beck follower. He is very old and showing signs of advanced age related cognitive impairment.

    He doesn’t write much anymore and it’s quite literally gibberish. You don’t read it, you decode it, and try to rearrange it into a coherent narrative. Part of it seems that Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, and Obama are part of satan’s shock troops or the 4 horseman of the Apocalypse.

  • jnorris

    The wingnut is predicting a race war between the white supremacists and the government, read US Army. If so, then why are the Tea Partiers in Congress and the Senate so gong-ho on increasing the military budget? Who’s side are they on?

  • Modusoperandi

    raven “Part of it seems that Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, and Obama are part of satan’s shock troops or the 4 horseman of the Apocalypse.”

    What? That’s ridiculous. Wall Street and Goldman Sachs are Job Creators®. It should be GE and GM. Or Planned Parenthood and the SEIU.

  • dingojack

    otrame (#3) – You mean the non-Bekian party judges folks ‘on the quality of their characters, not the colour of their skin’? Colour me shocked!

    😉 Dingo


    PS: In the ‘coming race war’ (as in ‘coming soon, since 1866’) I’m betting on the safe money.

    Bek’s ‘Wolverines’ won’t last the first round..

  • raven

    David Pedersen murders: White supremacist admits to road trip …


    Mar 13, 2012 – A white supremacist accused of killing four people in a violent road … alleged killing rampage through Washington, Oregon and California … Grigsby told police the white supremacist couple were going to ‘kill more Jews’ in Sacramento. … Grigsby pleaded not guilty to the killings of Pedersen’s parents and …

    Most of the white supremacists we hear about on the west coast are none too bright criminals with a tendency towards pointless murder. And quite often their victims are white xians.

    This couple killed 4 people, 3 of whom were white. Another one from Utah killed a white guy with a machete during a robbery. One in Arizona managed to kill his wife and her daughter who were for some reason, hispanic. Although the Wisconsin guy, Wade Page, did manage to find a Sikh temple to shoot up.

    If this is all they have, they aren’t going to get too far in a race war.

  • dingojack

    Raven – If I were a conspiracy theorist I’d say:

    foot soldiers without a leader – but once a budding Adolf Hitler (or the like) comes along….

    these morons would be sent to die to stir up fear while the leader wedges himself into power by (semi) legitimate means. Once that is achieved the foot soldiers are expendable. They’re too dumb to even realise that they’re mere ‘useful idiots’.



    Still not moving my bet though.