Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: NRLC vs Local Chapter

Ooh, this is fun. The National Right to Life Committee has broken ties with its affiliate in Cleveland because that local group said it would not support Sen. Rob Portman due to his pro-marriage equality stance. NLRC says this violates their rules:

The National Right to Life Committee has cut ties with its Cleveland chapter after the local group announced that it would oppose Ohio Sen. Rob Portman’s re-election because of his support for marriage equality.

NRLC president Carol Tobias told [PDF] the Cleveland Right to Life that its “public criticisms of and implicit political threats against a U.S. Senator who has supported the right-to-life position” over “a non-right-to-life issue” has “violated National Right to Life policy, causing the chapter to disaffiliate itself from the NRLC.”

“We respectfully insist that you remove from your website the claim that you are affiliated with NRLC,” Tobias writes.

Pass the popcorn.

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  • aaronbaker

    I think this actually speaks well of NRLC.

  • Michael Heath

    Cleveland’s “About” page now spins it this way:

    Cleveland Right to Life is an autonomous organization. We are not and never have been a chapter of any other Right to Life Organization.

    [sic] We do however cooperate proactively with all Local [sic], State [sic] & National [sic] ProLife [sic] Organizations [sic] including the Ohio Right to Life Society, [sic] and [sic] National Right to Life to promote the [not true] prolife [sic] agenda and to promote the dignity of all human life [wildly untrue].


  • lordshipmayhem

    “Have never been?” No telling fibs now, Cleveland Right to An Unsafe Version Of A Medical Procedure. Not only does it violate the spirit of the 9th Commandment, the Internet remembers.