Jerry Sandusky Finds God in Prison

Back when Dennis Miller was funny (think back, way back) he had a joke about all the people who do horrible things and get caught and they suddenly find God — “I guess he didn’t see them first.” It comes as no surprise at all that Jerry Sandusky has suddenly, and conveniently, discovered a deep faith in God now that he’s spending the rest of his life in prison.

In letters published by TMZ, Sandusky now seems introspective, explaining that his faith in God is getting him through his sentence. He writes, “God’s light has warmed me with many letters of support and motivation.”

He also expresses his hopes for the future, despite the fact that he will almost certainly be imprisoned until the end of his life, telling a friend, “My hope is to serve even better purposes. Each day, my goal is to embrace each day as a gift. Never surrender except to God. Don’t let our circumstances get the best of us. Understand God’s presence and purpose. Remain as positive as possible.”

Cardinal Law is expected to file a motion with the court to have him transferred to a juvenile detention facility.

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  • flatlander100

    Re: last line. Nasty nasty nasty. You are not a nice person. Love it!

  • kantalope

    ““God’s light has warmed me with many letters of support and motivation.”

    I’m not sure what is more disturbing that he is getting letters from god….in which case he should show everyone or that he is getting letters of support from real people…ewwww.

  • grumpyoldfart

    Since he’s trying so hard to give the impression that he is having no trouble coping with life in jail, I’m guessing that he is not coping at all well, and the letters are all bluff and bluster, designed to hide the way he really feels.

  • unbound

    Back when Dennis Miller was funny…

    I do remember those days. Thanx for reminding that I’m getting really, really old.

  • Larry

    So has he admitted his responsibility for his actions or does his god agree with him that he was innocent?

  • eric

    Our prison system rewards such protestations of faith (though maybe not in Sandusky’s particular case), so its no surprise it gets them. Can’t remember who said it, but: ‘the combination of religion and government corrupts government and debases religion.’

  • matty1

    He found God in jail, what is God in for?

  • left0ver1under

    What do you mean, “finds god in prison”? As likely as not, he already believed, and used it to rationalize his actions.

    This is probably just another PR stunt like his others (e.g. like when he blamed his victims).

  • @ 7: “He found God in jail, what is God in for?”




    Aiding and abetting fraud and money laundering

    Tax evasion


  • Did God make Sandusky his bitch?

  • Alverant

    I’m not a football fan, but I’m willing to bet at some point Sandusky thanked God for his victories.

  • dingojack

    matty1 – Crimes Against Humanity.


  • matty1

    I’m not sure all those crimes have evidence that meets the beyond reasonable doubt standard but I suppose we do have a written confession.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    This worries me. God may be granted parole or even a pardon at any time, due to his many outspoken friends in high places.

  • eric

    I suppose we do have a written confession.

    Yeah, but in most cases the confession is for events that we can’t find any evidence ever occurred. In our court system, we don’t put people in jail when they confess to crimes that never actually happened; we (ideally) get them psychological help.

  • God uses snail-mail to show his love?

    And yes, this is a standard gimmick. His words sound like they’re a straight lift from the Use The Majority Religion To Get A Free Pass Playbook.

  • “My hope is to serve even better purposes.”

    Sounds easy enough. All you have to do is not rape anyone.

  • shockwaver

    Can we stop giving Sandusky the time of day and letting him speak? He’s a convicted pedophile who deserves to rot in prison. All this does is let the people who support him vent about how he was treated unfairly – and then we get to read about all the ways people are more then willing to contort their moral views about how you shouldn’t rape children in to something that lets them support Sandusky because FOOTBALL or something.

  • Don Williams

    I’ve never been in the joint but I’ve heard that prison inmates don’t like pedophiles.

  • colnago80

    Re Don williams @ #19

    Rapists and child molesters are generally kept separate from the other prisoners for their own safety. Your average bank robber burglar, etc. consider it to be an insult to be housed with such folks. At least one of the convicted pedophile priests was murdered by an inmate. Also recall Jeffrey Dahmer and Albert DeSalvo.

  • Don Williams

    See, e.g,

    On the other hand, Sandusky may have some friends in PA who will arrange for him to be

    put in a nice, quiet minimum security prison based on his age:

    “Jerry is a very likable guy — he gets along with everybody,” [defense attorney] Amendola said last week

  • Don Williams

    After all, this is Pennsylvania –where a State Senator convicted of ripping off the state for $4+ Million is allowed to serve out part of his 4 year prison sentence confined to his $2.5 Million mansion:

    It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, heh heh.

  • matty1

    @18 There are people who support this guy, really? Sometimes it’s nicer to be isolated from these things.

  • colnago80

    Re Don Williams @ 322

    It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, heh heh.

    Except when the Beagles lose.

  • I wonder how many of those kids were praying to the same god while Sandusky was raping them?

    Didn’t work, did it?

  • shockwaver


    There are people who support this guy, really? Sometimes it’s nicer to be isolated from these things.

    Yeah, they run the gamut from people who think he’s completely innocent to people who would admit that they would do the exact same thing as everyone did that knew about it (nothing, keeping it quiet, etc). I personally find the second group of people to be the worst of the bunch. At least the first group is delusional, the others are willing to put their own careers and what not over the needs and safety of children that they should be looking after.

  • otrame

    Back when Dennis Miller was funny

    I used to enjoy his rants, some of which were pretty good. I guess it’s hard to be funny with piss running down your leg. 9/11 scared Miller so badly that he lost the use of the part of his brain that 1) had some sense; and 2) knew what was funny. Sad, really.

  • felidae

    Maybe he found God when he said “O God, that hurts–O God,make it stop!” after a close encounter of the fourth kind with his cellmate

  • tsig

    I wonder why god seems to hang out in prosions.

  • Michael Heath

    The child rapist:

    Never surrender except to God.

    I think he’s missing the point here; but don’t they all.

  • dingojack

    “* Never surrender except to God”.

    so when uncle Jerry was raping those children he considered himself to be god?

    Hmm…. I don’t think the god you’re praying to, Jerry, will take too kindly to that.


  • Dennis who?

  • dingojack

    “Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore

    Galloping through the sward

    Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore

    And his horse Concord

    Steals from the rich, gives to the poor

    Dennis Moore and Concord

    Are quite extraord


    🙂 Dingo

  • “Never surrender except to God.”

    And also after your sentencing.

  • martinc

    “his faith in God is getting him through his sentence”

    If the Parole Board buy it, anyway.

  • It is a meme amongst screenwriters and the authors of novels that “short-eyes” dudes get ostracized, beaten, stomped and shanked. Based on the number of genuine sex offender recidivists out there, somebody’s doing a reasonably good job of protecting them.

    Sandusky’s paedophilia is a mental disorder. His arrogance and blame-shifting are character flaws. Fucking kids up the ass or even touching them inappropriately and then lying about it–those are crimes. Rot in the only hell you will ever know, Jerry, you sub-human fuck.