Look, a New Blogger

We are thrilled to announce a new addition to Freethought Blogs. Alex Gabriel’s blog, Godlessness in Theory, is now officially launched and I think you should all go over there and say hello.

"They would be vilified as a terrorist organization by far right groups, who would spout ..."

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"45 is making me a lot more charitable to this guy TBH."

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"I'm pretty sure my daughter was possessed at birth.[looks around before pressing "submit"]"

Gallups: School Shootings are ‘Demonic’
"Daddy, there's a monster under my bed. I need an AR-15 to protect myself."

Gallups: School Shootings are ‘Demonic’

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  • Synfandel

    The title reminds me of what was my nephew’s favourite joke when he was about eight:

    “Look, a distraction!”

  • John Phillips, FCD

    Synfandel, oh snap, my first thought was, look a squrrel 🙂