The Center for Civic Literacy

Longtime friend of Dispatches Sheila Kennedy, a top notch First Amendment scholar, has launched the Center for Civic Literacy. The goal is to educate Americans about their own government, something that studies show they are woefully ignorant on. They’re going to be reprinting material from this blog on their own and putting up original material from many other writers, so you should add it to your bookmarks.

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  • Crudely Wrott

    Thank you, Ed.

    The Center of Civic Literacy looks like just the kind of resource I need.

    My two adolescent grandsons go a bit blank in the face when I talk about the basics of US government and civics. I can see that their public school education needs a back up system and I need good reference sources to help fill that need.

    Your blog has been useful in this respect but in terms of instilling civic awareness in young people, more is definitely better.