The GOP’s Brazen Assault on Voting Rights

Rachel Maddow had a very important segment on her show Tuesday night about what the Republicans in control of North Carolina are doing to make it far more difficult for college students, especially black students, to vote in that state. They’re shutting down polling places at historically black colleges, making it far more difficult for students to vote. Seriously, how brazen and obvious could this be? They aren’t even pretending that this has anything to do with any goal other than to rig elections in their favor.

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  • busterggi

    Its almost as if the party of the Southern Strategy doesn’t like blacks.

  • And yet, after all this, African-Americans still won’t vote for Republicans. It’s a real quandry. The GOP might as well give up on this and other Minority Outreach programs.

  • Chiroptera

    They aren’t even pretending that this has anything to do with any goal other than to rig elections in their favor.

    Not surprising. They long ago quit pretending to even be decent human beings.

  • Given the GOP’s new-found love affair with the growingly theocratic Russia, is it any wonder that they have renewed their efforts to create a one-party state?

  • manfromflanders

    A complementary article about senator Ellie Kinnaird:

    Ellie Kinnaird resigns from NC Senate

  • kantalope

    but but but…I was just assured weeks ago, by the Supreme Court, that protecting voting rights was old fashioned and unnecessary.

  • D. C. Sessions

    I wonder whether they’ve gotten the word that the fix is in, much as with Roe v Wade — that any challenge to the VRA will be tossed out at the USSC level. Because (other than sheer impatience) there’s no benefit to doing all of this now. They’d be better off waiting until next autumn when there’s no time left to reverse the new laws.

    The only time it makes sense to pull this stuff right away is to give enough time for the USSC to reverse any lower-court injunctions blocking the new laws.

    Of course, by Roberts’ usual method there will be at least one case first where Roberts states the new supra-Constitutional doctrine in dicta so that it can later be cited as though it’s settled law. After that, for instance, “equal sovereignty of the States” would trump the Fifteenth Amendment to allow the full-on return of Jim Crow.

  • Ah Clem

    According to the Slate article on this,

    it’s illegal to throw up obstacles to keep African-Americans

    from voting, but it is not illegal to obstruct registered democrats.

    The fact than many registered democratic voters are

    African-American is just a bonus.

  • abb3w

    @7, D. C. Sessions


    As a purely stylistic aside, the more commonly used acronym seems to be SCOTUS.

  • abb3w, militarily it’s SupCoUnStat. True story.

  • Synfandel

    Personally, I’m partial to “Supreme Court of the United States”, or, if you prefer, “United States Supreme Court”. I spend an annoyingly large amount of time looking up acronyms while reading this blog’s comments. It’s not on Short Message Service (SMS).

  • lofgren

    Democrats are the real racists for trying to get Black people to vote against Republicans. Or at all.

  • shockwaver

    My question is (and this gets asked to me a lot by coworkers in Canada, since I’m the token American) – what can anyone do to stop this? The people have no power to stop this legislation – and the courts obviously don’t give a crap about it. I get asked constantly why Americans let this happen to themselves, and my only response is that there is no choice.