Coach Dave Got Fired. Again.

Our old friend Coach Dave Daubenmire has lost yet another football coaching job. He got fired 16 years ago by a public school after being sued for using his position to proselytize his players and now he’s been fired by a Christian school where he coached the football team. But of course, all of this is proof that he’s the only real Christian and that he’s being persecuted just like Jesus. He’s a Brave Hero!


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  • tsig

    Some get persecuted for the truth and some are just loud mouthed assholes. Dave, you’re number two.

  • skinnercitycyclist

    This is from autumn, 2012, isn’t it? I cannot find any news stories not behind a paywall, but it may be due to the fact that “Coach” was letting his registered sex-offender son hang around the team. He says it was because he was being a typical evangelical dick. Who’s a liar?

  • “Dave, you’re number two.”

    In more ways than one.


    Both parties–and they consider it a virtue.


    Is DSMVI out? I wonder if there’s a listing for “BKPS*”. If so I hope they have photos of Coach Douchmire and OuttahisGourdo Klingstoshit.

    * Brave KKKristian Patriot Syndrome.

  • Class project time:

    Is there someplace that we could compile a readily accessible list of all of the ReiKKKwing Liars for JESUS, asshat pundits and douchenozzle SKKKrotalMurKKKanPatriotiKKK Front politicos who infest my once relatively sane nation? My guess is that the list would run to thousands of names. Said list would be handy to have whenever some teabaggist dickhead in the bar or at the office sez, “They ALL do it!”.

    I wish that I had a smart phone for only one reason and that reason is so when (not “if”) I get into arguments with birthers, gunzloonz, truthers and the rest of the various KKKlownposses I could simply “sync” their phones and give them a few hundred links to genuinely factual information to replace the bullshit that they’re spouting. This is not to say that I expect them to use it. But, it will make it even easier to dismiss them as the lying asswipes that they generally turn out to be.

    If anyone knows of a list like the one I envision, please point me at it.

  • left0ver1under

    He was fired last fall (Nov. 2012), but even so, I highly doubt it was a minor issue or just a difference of opinion. It certainly wasn’t because he lost too many games (23-8 over three years).

    The fact that his own kind can’t stand him speaks volumes.

  • Michael Heath

    In this video Dave Daubenmire illustrates two behavioral attributes we see in religionist authoritarians and other types of reality deniers.

    Here we see him leveraging dogma to avoid developing emotional maturity while implicitly justifying this type of immature behavior.

    In addition, Mr. Daubenmire refers to, “his [God’s] truth”; is this so-called truth different than objectively true claims?

    It appears that Mr. Daubenmire is obliviously attempting to move the goal posts on what truth actually is in order to continue harbor beliefs that he must at least subconsciously understand are compellingly challenged or even convincingly falsified. At least he’s demonstrating a little bit of cognitive dissonance albeit he still demonstrates obliviousness to how his immaturity has him acting out. But this tiny crack of perceptiveness provides some hope that perhaps Mr. Deubenmire may grow up some day and start to accept reality. However, I think the odds that’ll happen remain very slim.

  • frankb

    I just did a search to learn more about Mr. Daubenmire and I am checking my pulse now to see if I need medical attention. His videos on Right Wing Watch should come with a warning. We must never allow him and Glenn Beck to bump together because the explosive of toxic stupid could endanger humanity. For example I learned that I am a racist because I voted for Obama.

  • John Pieret

    Is the background of that video supposed to let us know the coach is roadkill?

  • Doug Little

    I love the title of the video. Hopefully there will be many more sequels.