Even Republicans Don’t Want Shutdown

As the far-right wing of the Republican party, both in Congress and on talk radio and other outlets, persistently demand that the House Republicans shut down the government if Obama doesn’t agree to defund Obamacare — which he isn’t going to do — a new survey by a GOP pollster shows that even Republicans don’t support that.

A new poll done for Republican members of Congress has found huge public opposition, and solid opposition among Republicans, to the idea of shutting down the government over the issue of funding Obamacare.

In a national survey of 1,000 registered voters done July 31 and August 1, the question, from pollster David Winston, said, “Some members of Congress have proposed shutting down the government as a way to defund the president’s health care law” and asked respondents whether they favored or opposed that plan.

Overall, 71 percent of those surveyed opposed a shutdown, while 23 percent favored a shutdown. Among Republicans, 53 percent opposed, versus 37 percent who favored.

Winston found a huge gender gap among Republicans. Republican men favored a shutdown by a narrow 48 percent to 44 percent margin. But Republican women opposed it by an enormous 61 percent to 29 percent margin.

This is a good situation in which to observe just how much the far-right tail wags the Republican dog.

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  • raven

    How are they going to shut down the government,

    and then go to war over Syria’s poison gas attacks?

    I’m not seeing how this will work.

  • Mr Ed

    “Some members of Congress have proposed shutting down the government as a way to defund the president’s health care law

    I wonder if the numbers would have been different if they used Obama Care instead?

  • Republican women

    I am constantly amazed by the fact that there appear to be republican women.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    “I hates that socialized medicine, but a guvmint shutdown might interfere with my Medicare.”

  • How is Obama supposed to defund the AHA, anyway? The House of Representatives holds the sole power of the federal purse, and after more than 30 attempts, they haven’t been able to pull it off.

  • @Reginald Selkirk #4 – I remember a video of an early Tea Party rally. An old woman with a sign saying “No Socialized Health Care!” was being interviewed at one point. When the interviewer said that Medicare was socialized health care, the woman looked shocked for a moment, then started wailing, “Don’t touch my Medicare! Why are you trying to kill me!”

    Seriously, these people are too stupid to understand what they are really asking for.

  • doublereed

    Wow, I wonder why there’s such a huge gender disparity. That’s massive female opposition.

  • D. C. Sessions

    They obviously need some unskewed polls.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    doublereed #7: Wow, I wonder why there’s such a huge gender disparity.

    These are Republicans. The men are busy, out hunting down mastodons. It’s the women who stay home and have to take care of the children, and thus have a better understanding and appreciation of health care.

  • laurentweppe

    Seriously, these people are too stupid to understand what they are really asking for.

    People are not stupid: people are cowardly closeted socialists: they looooove public programs, but lack the guts to challenge far-right bullies who’ve been shouting for decades that public services are communism, communism is fifth column’s anti-patriotism, and beating up members of the fifth column in the streets is the right thing to do

  • sbuh


    Just idle speculation but I wonder how many “Republican women” are just women married to Republican men.

  • magistramarla

    I just had a long talk with my daughter about the insurance exchanges. She lives in Colorado, where there is an exchange, but she had heard nothing about it.

    She’s a single Mom, and she hasn’t been able to qualify for medicaid since her ex (The Jerk) is court-ordered to keep the little guy insured. The problem is that the Jerk changes jobs and loses insurance for a few months without telling her, so she gets a rude awakening when she takes time off from work to take the boy to the doc and his insurance card is denied.

    I told her to look into what will be available to her and into the expansion of medicaid. She has asthma and only one working kidney, so she hasn’t been insurable before. I’m thinking that she will be a prime candidate to be helped by the ACA, and perhaps she can even take over insuring her little boy.

  • adobo


    I really hope that you convince her to take advantage of the ACA. I am particularly worried about the insidious propaganda by these right wing morons who are telling people not to enroll in it specially the ones who needs it most. I hope Americans are smarter than this. Come to think of it, I think they mostly are! Well, most of the women are!!

  • raven

    by these right wing morons who are telling people not to enroll in it specially the ones who needs it most….

    It is apparently not working at all.

    I week ago I read that enrollment is going well and above target.

  • lancifer

    Which one of you caring and intelligent progressives are going to step up and proclaim the truth? You know you want to.

    That the Affordable Care Act (a more deceptive name I cannot contemplate, I especially like the fact that the word “Health” was left out so as not to cloud the fact that Democrats “care” about people) is just a step towards the real goal, a “single payer system”.

    C’mon, stop dancing around the obvious. Let your socialist freak flag fly!

  • Robert B.

    The Affordable Care Act is just a step toward the real goal, a single payer system.

    You can’t insult me by accusing me of socialism, buddy, I’m an anarchist freak. Socialists are too conservative for my taste. In my ideal economy, the reason the government isn’t paying for health care is because the words “government” and “paying” lack referents. And actually I have not a single hope in the world of the US going to a single payer system in the next twenty years, because the Democratic party can’t even produce a progressive these days. If you’re getting your reform ideas from Mitt Romney, you aren’t a liberal – just sayin’.

    But I have health insurance now, so I’m middling pleased.

  • unbound

    @sbuh – I know a few Republican women, and it isn’t because of their husbands. They just seem to be the same as the Republican men in general…lap up the job-creators and fear-mongering BS, ignore the massive amount of bad things the Republicans do, believe they made it all on their own (including the ones that are house-wives), and believe in the magical, non-existent good ol’ days which were due to staunch conservatism.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    lancifer #15: That the Affordable Care Act… is just a step towards the real goal, a “single payer system”.

    I hope that it is. A single payer system would solve or eliminate many issues with the current system. For example, all this twaddle about the right of employers not to have to pay for things they don’t like, such as contraception. That would be cleared up immediately if my employer didn’t come between me and my health care.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Off-topic: More ‘soverign citizens’ behaving badly:

    In Paper War, Flood of Liens Is the Weapon

    Over the next three years, the couple, Thomas and Lisa Eilertson, filed more than $250 billion in liens, demands for compensatory damages and other claims against more than a dozen people, including the sheriff, county attorneys, the Hennepin County registrar of titles and other court officials.

  • freehand

    lancifer, you loon! Most of the people here have expressed a strong preference for simple and cheaper single payer health insurance. Medicare for everyone, or something similar.

    You keep barking at those pixies, however; you’re doing a good job chasing them off.

  • freehand

    Reginald – I wonder how the sovereign citizens reconcile not recognizing the authority of the courts and suing for damage etc.? Haha, just kidding, no I don’t.

    1. They’re just doing this to harass people.

    2. Like religious Fundamentalists (often the same people) they haven’t made an attempt to reconcile any two of their thoughts since they were four and Daddy yelled at them.(1)

    (1) They yelled at me, too, but I just learned not to share my thoughts with them.

  • lancifer

    Robert B.

    Hmmm, OK. So you’re an anarchist.

    I like the idea of anarchy but unfortunately many people can’t understand the idea of non-coerced mutually beneficial action. Therefor we need some form of government to lay out the rules and enforce them on people that cheat.

    For example, I live on a tiny residential street that parallels a larger main road. So drivers seek the advantage of avoiding the traffic on the main road and turn down my road. This would be fine, it is after all a public road, except that they often decide that they can save time by ignoring the stops signs and the 20 mph speed limit.

    The anarchist in me often walks in front of these folks and stops them to discuss their behavior. The conversation rarely results in a satisfactory outcome.

    So I have had to appeal to the local city government. They have sent police officers in unmarked cars to monitor the road during high traffic times.

    So we have some goals in common, I just favor a balance that leans toward individual agency, where as Progressives trust people even less than I do, to act in ways that will be mutually beneficial, and thus lean towards greater power for the state and other collectives.

  • lancifer


    Hey, I like pixies!

    I just want people to lay their cards on the table. Most “progressives” shrink away from the “s” word like it is radioactive.