LaBarbera on the Coming and Going of Gay Activists

One of the arguments that Russian bigots make for their anti-gay laws is that they’re trying to prevent the dangerous influence of American ideas (the same thing the Soviet Union said throughout the cold war, by the way). Peter LaBarbera agrees with them, saying that they’re only trying to protect their children from the “excesses of American homosexual activism.” But then he says we also don’t want to import those dangerous Russian gay activists either because we’ve got enough already.

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  • Synfandel

    Well, to be fair, it is important that we protect children against radical ideas such as respect, tolerance, diversity, and equal treatment before the law. Otherwise they might stop going to church.

  • John Pieret

    we also don’t want to import those dangerous Russian gay activists either because we’ve got enough already.

    Why, it’s almost like there are gay people everywhere, not just the ones who were influenced by American homosexual activism.

  • eric

    He should hold a rally. I suggest “No More Speech!” as the theme; it has a nice Orwellian ring to it.

  • tiberiusbeauregard

    Actually, the russians have my sympathy on that.

    If they don’t want the hysterical kind of american homo-activism amidst them, who could really blame them ?

  • raven

    Russia is a disgrace.

    What they are doing with the gays is scapegoating and tribalism.

    It’s exactly what the Catholic church in the Middle Ages did to witches, heretics, and Jews. At one point during the bubonic plague years (Black Death), they scapegoated….cats.

    Rounded them up and killed them as gruesomely as possible. Ironically, since the plague is spread by rat’s fleas, the cats would have been a line of defense.

    As to why, it is to cover up the fact that they can’t quite get a working civilization together. It’s not clear why, you can download plans off the internet these days.

  • Thumper; immorally inferior Atheist mate

    He conflates trransexuality with homosexuality, and conflates a pogrom with a massacre. This idiot does not have the vocabulary to be on the radio.

    Whatever website he quoted was right: it is a pogrom, in so far as it is a publicly sanctioned attack on a minority. They haven’t officially sanctioned physical violence, but as far as I’m aware that’s not intrinsic to the definition, and more importantly you don’t have to officially sanction physical violence in order for it to be a direct consequence of the policy. Ironically enough, the word first came into English useage as a description of the 19th century pogroms against Jewish people in the Russian empire. So no, I wouldn’t say that was much of an exaggeration.

  • Thumper; immorally inferior Atheist mate


    hysterical kind of american homo-activism

    Oh, you can fuck right off. I’d ask you to elaborate, but I know it’s going to be a whole “I’m not homophobic but…” screed about how you don’t mind gays as long as they don’t “rub it in” or somesuch similarly phrased bollocks. So I’m going to shorten the entire process and just tell you to fuck off.

  • dingojack

    Thumper – to be fair, I bet that tiberiusbeauregard lets his token gay ‘acquaintance’ use his downstairs toilet, just as long as the Latina maid gives it a good scrubbing out afterward with industrial-grade bleach. (Thems gay cooties are powerful stuff).


  • tiberiusbeauregard

    @Thumper; immorally inferior Atheist mate

    but I know it’s going to be a whole … odle deedle dey

    No. Who I am or think about homosexuality, is totally irrelevant.

    Every culture I know of, has certain assimilative capacities to deal with public discourse and fighting injustice within society. In most cases, it works rather well, in some cases, it doesn’t work at all.

    But however it goes, not only do you not have some “god given right” to interfer with another culture’s mechanisms of dealing with these problems, but your own approach will almost certainly fail with them if you try to impose your views and methods on the entirety of people of that other culture.

    Viewing US american homo activism from the outside, must be horrifying.

    It’s shrill, aggressive and seemingly accomodating pervert behaviour (not homosexuality itself, but the things that are portrayed to go along with it). And to many outsiders, this must make perfect sense, because being shrill, aggressive perverts is seen as the equivalent of being a US american in general anyway.

    That’s why I can easily understand if russians want to put a stop to this before it really starts.

  • Thumper; immorally inferior Atheist mate, tiberiusbeauregard is right. Have you seen what Pride parades do to traffic? Now imagine that but in Russia, where they drive like Russians, at forty below, which is what cold thinks is cold. Chaos!

  • Artor

    Yeah, it’s so horribly shrill when people insist they be treated like humans. They should just meekly submit to whatever the bigoted regressives like tiberiusbeuregard insist on, or they might offend someone.

    You know what would put an immediate stop to all these “shrill homo activists?” Recognizing them as people with the same rights as everyone else. Stop making it an issue, and it will stop being an issue.

  • sezme

    tiberiusbeauregard @ 9:”… being shrill, aggressive perverts …”

    Aha, so homosexuals are perverts. Thanks. You drew the bulls eye around Thumper’s post and made it 100% true.

    May I also kindly add my support to him/her: FUCK OFF.

  • raven

    tiberiusbeauregard @ 9:”… being shrill, aggressive perverts …”

    I can see we have the B squad of trolls in.

    Tiberius is a shrill, aggressive, mental and social pervert. One of those wild eyed, flaming, hate filled religious morons.

    BTW, Tiberius, I’m a shrill, almost aggressive, uppity….biologist. Your worst nightmare. Too bad for you. Deal with it.

  • stubby

    Maybe we could trade LaBarbera and other assorted wingnuts for the Russian activists. We may have to throw in a draft pick or two but I think it would be worth it.

  • francesc

    @13 “One of those wild eyed, flaming, hate filled religious morons…” And chauvinist. A lot. Russia is not a feudal society anymore and it hasn’t been for a century. They also have a pretty common internet connectivity. We are not speaking about a poor tribe whose only contact with any external society has been an old man in a fun costume speaking about a dad in the sky. Granted, they may still be learning about democracy and the government has a lot of unsupervised power -uh, nothing to see here, Snowden-, but keep in mind that this law would be an american law if your courts would have allowed christians to do it. It’s not a law than an alien society with really different principles wich we ought to respect has approved.

  • Thumper; immorally inferior Atheist mate

    @tiberiusbeauregard #9

    So in short you don’t mind homosexuality, as long as said homosexuals are meek and quiet and never display any flesh in public. DADT, as applied to public life.

    Thank you for proving my point.


    No no, Maria is far too busy replacing the covering of the sofa said “aquaintance” was allowed to sit on. Tiberius takes the smart option and simply doesn’t offer his “guest” a drink; that way they won’t need to use the toilet, and hopefully won’t stay too long either.

    Then afterwards, while Maria is fumigating the front sitting room, he can retire to the kitchen with a cup of tea and regale his wife with opinionated anecdotes about how nice “that little queer lad from down the road” is, and how if all homos were like that then he wouldn’t mind them so much.

    @modusoperandi #10

    As ever, your comment elicited a hearty laugh 🙂