Another ‘Psychic’ Charged With Fraud

In what is clearly becoming a trend, a husband and wife “psychic” team in the San Bernardino, California area have been charged with grand theft for allegedly swindling thousands of dollars from people in exchange for ridding them of evil spirits.

Nick and Cindy Uwanawich, who have been charged with three felony counts of grand theft, will face trial, Judge Michael A. Smith ruled following a preliminary hearing inside a San Bernardino Superior courtroom.

In December, Uwanawich reportedly told a woman that the spirit of a drowned person had attached itself to her, authorities said. In order to rid the woman of the spirit, Uwanawich reportedly told the woman to give her nine pennies, nine nickels, nine dimes, nine quarters and $9,000 for nine days.

The victim reportedly gave Uwanawich a large amount of money with the promise it would be returned, but it was not, officials said.

This is almost identical to what “psychic” Ruth Marks is charged with in Florida and New York, but Marks was clearly better at it; she got one woman to give her $500,000 in cash, claimed it was destroyed in the World Trade Center bombings, then got her to give another $300,000 after that. Human gullibility seems to have few limits.

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