Klingenschmitt’s Clever Legal Plan

I’m sure you know about the wedding photographers in New Mexico who lost a court case when they refused to photograph a same-sex wedding. Gordon Klingenschmitt is all upset and he has a terribly clever — foolproof, he thinks — plan to get around the law. He thinks the photographers should just print a Bible verse on the backs of the pictures saying the happy couple should be put to death. Gordon, you’re a genius.


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  • So he would have no problem if I, as an atheist, were to take professional photos of a religious wedding and print “There is no God, get over it” on the back of each one? After all, religion is far more of a lifestyle choice than being gay is, and if it’s sauce for the goose….

  • “Honey. The blurry, shitty photos that damn bigot you hired took of us arrived.”

    “Oh! Those are terrible. The only solution is to flip them over in the frames.”

    “Oh, my! A Bible verse! This is worse, somehow! Our unnatural love is undone!”

  • John Pieret

    … foolproof, he thinks

    There’s your problem right there Gordie! Any plan created by a fool cannot be foolproof.

    “When man’s law forces us to disobey God, for which there will be a greater punishment, we must disobey man, we must obey God …”

    You mean like when man’s law forces you to disobey God’s law to stone gay people to death?

    When have you last stoned a gay to death, Gordie?

  • criticaldragon1177

    Yeah and Klingenschmitt, all the those “sinners” have to do is take a black marker, and cover those “tasteful” words with black ink, or better yet, get some white out.

  • Chiroptera

    Eventually, even evangelical photographers are going to figure out that turning down a job with a same sex wedding is also turning down a paying job.

    Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me if right now most evangelicals are shrugging and saying, “gay money spends just as well.”

  • Who Knows?

    How is photographing a wedding violating God’s law?

  • Abby Normal

    If the studio puts similar messages on all its photos I don’t see any legal issue. And someone who wants to run a “whites only” restaurant could cover the walls with pictures of minorities being lynched or harassed by dogs. It could dress all its servers in Klan robes. Or a business that wants to keep Jewish people away could require patrons to wear swastikas, like the way some nice restaurants require men to wear a jacket. It’s all perfectly legal, shockingly rude and offensive, but legal. Good luck attracting enough customers to keep your doors open.

    It’s a beautiful world you’re building Gordon.

  • ildi

    How is photographing a wedding violating God’s law?

    I suppose in the same way that filling a prescription does.

  • eric

    Good luck attracting enough customers to keep your doors open.

    It’s a beautiful world you’re building Gordon.

    Fortunately, its just a world he wants to build. The odds of a business owner (even a conservative one) looking to him for business advice is, well, I’d say pretty close to nil.

  • steve oberski

    How is photographing a wedding violating God’s law?

    Taking a picture of someone steals their soul.

    Only god can collect souls.

  • Abby Normal

    How is photographing a wedding violating God’s law?

    Exodus 20:4 (NIV) “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.”

    @Eric, hallelujah! Praise to the almighty dollar.

  • uncephalized

    Damnit, there can’t be that many more internets to award to Modus, can there?

  • Regarding Gordie: I used to think that a person is born with enough stupid to last a lifetime. Every time I hear shit coming from his mouth I realize my first assumption is invalid.

    If one could one could watch videos of him from the beginning of his decline into batshittyness until today one could easily detect his decline. As one of my gay friends used to say, Gordo is a FFAWW-Far From a Well Woman.

  • exdrone

    In choosing the verse from Romans, Klingenschmitt seems to have passed up using John 13:34 “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” Funny that.

  • John Pieret

    Damnit, there can’t be that many more internets to award to Modus, can there?

    No, but we can still acknowledge his hegemony.

  • “gay money spends just as well.”

    There are no pink Benjamins.

    A local baker made a cake for a young fellas b’day party recently. He’s going in the Navy soon and the cake featured a “icing sculpture” of a pair of legs and buttocks witht the suggestion that the owner was bending over to pick up a bar of soap, while a pretty gigundas penis came in from the corner of the frame. It was lewd, crude and everybody thought it was clever (well, except me and the young man who had to say, “thank you”. for the cake). I wonder if the baker would consider doing the same thing for a gay couple getting married.

  • skinnercitycyclist

    I would venture to guess that if someone did this as an employee at a business without consulting their boss they would rightfully be terminated. If the boss of the business did this, I would think there could be grounds for litigation, as printing those verses would hardly be in keeping with the contract, implied or explicit, between the photog and his clients.