Fischer: White Christians are the Real Discrimination Victims

Bryan Fischer wants you to know that he’s a victim. So is every other white Christian. In fact, they’re the only group you can openly discriminate against anymore. And by “discriminate,” he means “prevent them from discriminating against others.”


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  • barry21

    I wonder what race/religion combo Fischer would trade places with.

  • marcus

    Poor Christians. 🙁

  • marcus

    Oh, and white people too. 🙁

  • tbp1

    Yes, there’s that special Christian dictionary where “persecution” is defined as “not being able to use force of law and the machinery of government to impose my religious values and practices on everyone else, Christian or not.”

  • godlesspanther

    At least one specific example would be helpful.

  • barry21

    Since when has Bryan Fischer supported his claims with evidence, panther? Shame on you for expecting a reasonable basis for a Fischerian contention!

  • gshelley

    Fischer is beginning to sound like a stuck record. Sad to say, I think Klingenschmitt has overtaken him now.

  • felidae

    When you talk about discrimination, how ’bout dem ileegaal aliens–it’s OK to shit on them now that you can’t get away with doing it to the negroes any more

  • Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden

    “There’s been some type of restraint in the past, but that restraint has been removed.”

    Yes. Yes, Mr. Fischer, I can remember a few examples of restraints in the USA. A few of them were removed by the Civil War if I’m not mistaken.

    Gosh, it sure does make me feel pity that white Christians aren’t able to restrain people any more. What a sad (but beautiful!) world.

  • bushrat

    Dear Communazi Jihadist Atheist Gubernment Types,

    Us ‘Real ‘Murikans’™ want you to stop infringin’ on our rites to infringe on other peeples rites!!!


    Uey Ass White Xristians…(IE: ‘Real ‘Murikans’™)