Pat Robertson May Sue Documentary Makers

After the documentary film Mission Congo, which accuses Pat Robertson of using his Operation Blessing charity to help his investments in mining in Africa, debuted at the Toronto Film Festival over the weekend, Robertson is considering filing a lawsuit against the makers of that film.

In a statement released from Toronto, Zizic and Turner said that “sometimes a story hits you so profoundly that you simply have to act. … We felt that these activities, and implied level of deception, were unfathomable on so many levels that we had to find out more.” The filmmakers said Robertson had declined to be interviewed for the film but that they had invited him to participate in a discussion after the premiere.

In an email Thursday, Chris Roslan, a spokesman for Operation Blessing, said allegations in the production company’s film promotion and the listing in the film festival website were false and defamatory and, “We are considering legal action.”

After an order by the attorney general, the Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs investigated Operation Blessing in the 1990s and accused the charity of “misrepresenting what its flights were doing.” No prosecution took place.

I think legal action is a great idea because it would open up discovery and the ability to subpoena records from the “charity.” Which is exactly why they won’t file a lawsuit despite their threats.

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  • This is an empty threat: it has been known for decades that Operation Blessing was a con game, and actual legal action is the very last thing Robertson wants. I hope the film’s producers stand firm.

  • Apologies for the OT comment, but there’s something about nearly all of the FTB pages I’ve visited that is causing my browser to close and re-open at a page previous to the one I was on. It could be my laptop, but I strongly suspect FTB’s adware is the problem — this doesn’t normally happen at every site I visit, just here and Salon, which is also heavily infested with obnoxious ads. The adware you seem to depend on is getting worse every week, and now it appears to be literally making it impossible to read your damn posts! Whoever is in charge on your end really needs to start exerting some control over the ads.

  • raven

    Probably an empty threat.

    Itt’s been known for a long time that Robertson is a dubious scammer.

    But the fundies don’t care. Much of the money they send to their Huttoid leaders is spent on high living. For any that are reading this, check your bank balance. Send it all to Pat Robertson.

    Even though he is a billionaire, there is no such thing as too much money. And makers of private jets, mansions, and fast cars need to eat too.

  • Trebuchet

    Sounds like a job for Ken White @ Popehat!

    @2: I’m addicted to whining about ads here but haven’t seen that issue. The previous offensive provider seems to have been replaced by one that uses flash exclusively so I’d suspect a flash problem. There’s a “Tech Issues” link in the gray banner at the top of the screen, you can use it to report issues like this.

  • It’d be fun if the documentary producers responded by offering to pay Robertson’s legal bills (up to a certain amount) if they’d file suit. It’d be great marketing.

  • unbound

    I agree with with Gregory in Seattle. I haven’t heard anything about the documentary that wasn’t already reported out in the late 90s. I guess the documentary is more problematic since it is shining a stronger light on the subject.

    @2 – It could very well be a server issue. For several weeks now, FTB intermittently will not load the content (just header and footer). I’ve mentioned it before, but it is either a difficult to find bug or just lower priority to fix over other issues.

  • kantalope

    Virginia declined to prosecute a ….fer reals? Virginia? Now, North Carolina, sure. They don’t seem to care how criminally insane you are as long as you are doing it for Jezeus. But Virginia too…oh, wait: the no sodomy for you, Virginia….nevermind.

  • marcus

    Oh by all means Mr Robinson sue. Ever hear of the ‘Streisand effect’?

  • marcus

    I meant ‘Robertson”.

  • tsig

    To those who complain of ads, adblock.

    I don’t see ads and I wonder why you do since you don’t seem to like them.

  • machintelligence

    Marcus Ranum # 5

    I have never heard of that tactic before, but what a way to say “Bring it on!”

  • Michael Heath

    “I’m considering suing”, is probably the numero uno empty threat; the mother of all empty threats, worthy of even better trite cliches than what I’m using here.

  • colnago80

    Re Michael Heath @ #12

    Apparently, MH is unaware that both Michael Shermer and Larry Krauss have threatened to sue several of the bloggers on this network for alleging that they have engaged in improper conduct at meetings.

    Re Raging Bee, the Fairfax phony @ #2

    Might be that your flashvideo add-on is not automatically updating and you have an obsolete version.

  • Artor

    Oh, please, please, please, PLEASE sue! I so want to see this go to court! I don’t even like popcorn, but I’ll get a big bag of it for this show!

  • jnorris

    “it would open up discovery” Imagine having Pat Robertson under oath being deposed by the producers’ lawyers. Alas, Crazy Pat’s lawyers are not crazy.

  • “Imagine having Pat Robertson under oath being deposed by the producers’ lawyers.”

    Lying is so ingrained in Robertson’s character that it wouldn’t make the least bit of difference.

    Pat Roberson is a fucking stain.