Wingnut: Get Thee to Idaho

Rick Wiles had Jonathan Hansen of World Ministries International on his radio show recently. Hansen is, like Wiles, perpetually declaring that the end is near and prophecy is being fulfilled (to them the world is one big Rorschach test and all they see are eschatological patterns). And Hansen talked about how a congressman had told him that Obama is about to start WW III and the only way to be safe is to go to…Idaho.

I had a member of the House contact me and he warned about the struggle going on in America right now and he shared with me that because of what we’re doing, as far as on television and radio trying to warn America, he gave me grid coordinates. He said if we don’t stop this insanity, they are going to crash the economy, it’s going to crash and there’s going to be blood flowing through America; but if you can get yourself and your family to this grid coordinates—you have to get a pilot—we will keep you alive…. All I know is, I did get a hold of a pilot and he said it’s in Idaho.

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  • shripathikamath

    he gave me grid coordinates.

    OK, I have a plane. What are the grid coordinates? Idaho is a pretty big place, I get lost just looking at it on a map

  • Artor

    Well, southern Idaho would be bad, because there’s an Air Force base near Boise, a certain target if nukes are flying. Eastern Idaho would be bad, because of the INEL labs, another certain target, and the home of the first functional nuclear reactor. I’m guessing the coordinates are somewhere in northern Idaho, which would also be bad, since it’s directly downwind from Seattle and the naval facilities there. But there’s a community of Neo-Nazis and white separatists up there, and I suspect that’s where some of the Obama-is-Anti-Christ contingent hang out.

  • imrryr

    Why is it that I see these survivalist types all going to those coordinates in the middle of Idaho, only to find themselves trapped in a Most Dangerous Game type of scenario?

  • d.c.wilson

    So, the secret to surviving Armageddon is potatoes? Does Dan Quayle know this?

  • Raging Bee

    So the neo-nazis in Idaho are gonna protect us from Armageddon and the Second Coming? I guess that makes sense if you assume that the Antichrist is a New York Jewish liberal who doesn’t care for off-road vehicles…

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    @d.c.wilson #4:

    Indeed, he’s already signed up to get the first potatoe.

  • Larry

    Don’t go! Its a plot by Obummer and the libtards to gather all the True ‘Muricans© into one location so that they can easily be captured and transferred to FEMA camps where Obummer-care death panels will try them and sentence to die or force them into same sex marriages, taking away their guns at the same time.

    You’ve been warned!

  • francesc

    First, I thought you needed the pilot to flight there, but then I kept reading

    “All I know is, I did get a hold of a pilot and he said it’s in Idaho”

    So… did he need a pilot to interpret the coordinates? I guess googling them was too liberal

  • busterggi

    So the US economy and political structure are going to collapse except for Idaho????

    When did that become a separate country?

  • lamacher

    Maybe he’s got a magic blanket over the valley, like the one Ayn Rand put over her valley in Colorado.

  • John Pieret

    This would be totally funny but for the possibility (even if remote) that there is actually a member of the US Congress who is a conspiracy nut of this proportion.

  • caseloweraz

    Ed: And Hansen talked about how a congressman had told him that Obama is about to start WW III and the only way to be safe is to go to…Idaho.

    Someone thinks Idaho is the place to go to survive World War III? That’s a bad plan. I’m having Nunavit.

  • grumpyoldfart

    Rockabilly fans have known for sixty years that Idaho will be the first place to go:

    Now I’m not a man that’s a skeered a’ things

    Least things I knows about

    But when my tater patch left the ground

    I started right then gettin’ out.

  • ccogan

    There’s a big problem with going to Idaho: Idoho doesn’t exist. See


  • blf

    It wasn’t Idaho.

    It was I da know.

  • yoav

    So, the secret to surviving Armageddon is potatoes?

    Of course, a potato is the only reliable power source for the stepper, that would allow you to travel into a parallel earth when the poo hit the fan.

  • slavdude

    “Eschatological”? More like “scatological”.

    Maybe it’s part of that scam where Troo Murkins are supposed to build a self-contained community around a munitions factory.

  • democommie

    @ slavdude:

    Yeah, building a community around a munitions factory is a great idea; think Halifax, Nova Scotia or Texas City, TX.

  • cottonnero

    And here I thought they were going to North Dakota.

  • Ichthyic

    All I know is, I did get a hold of a pilot and he said it’s in Idaho.

    their own private Idaho.

    like a wild potato.