Corsi’s Convenient Astonishment

Jerome Corsi, one of the leading birthers and wingnuts in the country, feigns shock that Bill Ayers is criticizing President Obama on his proposed military strike at Syria. “Look who turns against Obama on Syria,” the blurb at the Worldnetdaily reads. Corsi’s grasp of the basic facts is evident in the first sentence:

Leftist political activist and University of Chicago professor Bill Ayers has turned on Barack Obama, characterizing the president’s determination to launch a military attack on the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria as a “dumb war.”

In a series of posts on his Internet website over the past few days, Ayers has come out swinging, attacking the presidential candidate he backed in 2004 for trying to justify a U.S. strike on Syria.

In what appears to be satire aimed at mocking President Obama, Ayers posted Sunday, Sept. 8, a diatribe suggesting Assad has already authorized launch missile strikes against the United States.

Ayers wrote: “President Assad of Syria announced yesterday that he had authorized limited missile strikes against the United States of America. ‘The United States has consistently violated international law and civilized standards of behavior,’ he said. ‘It has gathered the greatest arsenal of weapons of mass destruction ever assembled, and it is in fact the only country that has ever used nuclear weapons. It has unleashed drone strikes against at least seven other nations, murdering thousands – it has even used drones to kill its own people. And the U.S. has routinely employed torture, a practice that has been condemned and outlawed for decades – it has even tortured its own citizens” [italics in original].

First of all, Ayers is not a University of Chicago professor. He is a retired professor from the University of Illinois-Chicago. Not the same college, not by a longshot. Second of all, the feigned surprise is quite convenient. In reality, Ayers has been hammering Obama from the moment he took office, all while Corsi and the Worldnetdaily have been posting article after article claiming that they are both dedicated communists out to destroy the country in the name of gay sharia law, or something.

The ties between Obama and Ayers have always been vastly exaggerated by Republicans and conservatives. He served on a charity board with him and they had some friends in common but that was about it. And the truth is that Ayers has always been far to the left of Obama politically, so much so that in June, he said that Obama should be tried for war crimes. So nothing in Corsi’s article is the least bit surprising unless one has swallowed all the previous BS he and WND have written about how Obama and Ayers are bosom buddies who agreed on everything.

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  • colnago80

    About what one would expect from a lying fuckke like Corsi, author of the Swift Boats lies.

  • John Pieret

    “Look who turns against Obama on Syria,”

    This, and the rabid right’s conviction that Ayers and Obama must be allies, all stem from the same authoritarian streak that makes them label any Republican who doesn’t toe the exact same line as they do as RINOs. They simply cannot conceive of any one on “their side” believing anything different than they do. St. Ronnie’s “big tent” has become a straight jacket.

  • freehand

    John, this is an example of the pathological arrogance of these people. They cannot imagine having enemies (anyone who disagrees with them on anything) who are not allies in a grand crusade to destroy them. Like a chihuahua who assumes its yapping holds the attention of everyone who walks by its yard…

    And largely because they measure all things against themselves, they misunderstand almost everything.

  • But, but, but Alinski.

  • It’s pretty incredible that we live in a society where idiots like this one can become worth tens of millions of dollars, but people like me have to live out our lives in misery simply due to prejudice. I can’t wait to leave the You Ess A